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Welcome and introductions

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Rebecca Galley
17 November 2009

Tom Browne introduced the workshop and the Open Exeter project. He explained the drivers behind the project

  • Several funded projects 7 institutional project and other independent projects
  • Exeter's project 360 hours of different types of OERs, across different subjects.
  • Challenges - lots of paperwork involved, putting the resources somewhere where people can find them, overcoming the 'so what' response.
Cloudworks will play a role in the Open Exeter project as a pedagogical 'wrapper for the OERs.

Extra content

Giota explained her role as researcher on OLnet and in the development of Cloudworks and then introduced key concepts relating to Cloudworks itself. 

Rebecca Galley
09:49 on 17 November 2009 (Edited 10:20 on 17 November 2009)

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Cloudworks introduction of key concepts

Cloudworks introduction of key concepts

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