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Exploring Online Discussion

Exploring Online Discussion

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Mary Loftus
17 November 2009

Exploring Online Discussion

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added by Juliette Culver


Mary Loftus
9:59am 17 November 2009 (Edited 10:50am 17 November 2009)

I'm playing around with Cloudworks - trying to embed content.  Have tried to embed Slideshare presentation - but currently having difficulties!  Have tried adding embedded content - but it's currently caught up in moderation. Exploring Online Discussion in E-Learning

Juliette Culver
10:43am 17 November 2009

Hi Mary,

You need to use the add embedded content link just above. We don't allow direct embedding yet for security reasons.



Mary Loftus
10:48am 17 November 2009

Thanks for that, Juliette.

Yes, I've tried the 'Add embedded content' option - but it's not appearing - do you think it's caught up in moderation?  



Juliette Culver
11:18am 17 November 2009

Ah, yes, you do have some thing caught up in moderation. I'll set things up so that your items don't get moderated again. I've just added the slideshare presentation as embedded content for you and deleted the version that wasn't working. Think we probably need to improve our instructions!

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