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Audio Feedback

Is anybody using audio feedback?

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Richard Winsley
17 November 2009

We would like to know your experiences of using audio feedback with your students.

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Sue Rodway-Dyer
10:30am 17 November 2009

HEA funded research has been exploring the use of audio and visual feedback within Geography, Biosciences and currently PCMD at Exeter, with interesting results and recommendations to feed forward.

Rebecca Galley
2:10pm 17 November 2009

Hi Richard, Don't know if these Clouds may be of interest?

Audio feedback using MS Word

Audio and screen visual feedback to support student learning

Juliette Culver
2:15pm 17 November 2009

There's also Sounds Good.

On the last course I did, my tutor gave me audio feedback on my draft final project on his own initiative which was really good - very interesting to experience from a student experience!


Gráinne Conole
8:38pm 20 November 2009

I seem to remember an interesting project from Glochester university where they were using podcasts as an alternative means of giving feedback on assignments. One issue I had was that listening is linear sequential whereas you can skim read something - so I wonder what the impact is in terms of feedback - good/bad???

Juliette Culver
11:08am 23 November 2009

I think that must be the Learning Enhancement through Audio Feedback (LEAF) project.

I think there's also an interesting question of whether tutors etc. give different feedback when they give it via audio than via writing. For instance, it's hard to just say 'Good work' I suspect if you're giving it via audio, and you probably use tone of voice to make critique come across in a more friendly way.

Personally, I liked having audio feedback despite being a visual person generally - it felt warmer and more caring. It was for essay-style work though, and I'm not sure it'd work so well for something like mathematics.I didn't find not being able to skim it a problem as it was generally high-level comments and it didn't take long to listen to it again.





Matt Lingard
2:22pm 23 November 2009

We are starting to use it at LSE.  So far it has been used by the LSE Careers service to give feedback on CVs but later next term it will be used on a large UG course with TAs giving feedback on a formative assignment.

We are using the Wimba Voice Tools in Moodle to record & deliver the feedback.

Teresa MacKinnon
3:27pm 5 September 2010

Liverpool John Moores also used wimba voice tools for an audio feedback project, ExEAF I believe.

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