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Planning for the Curriculum Design Fest

Deadline: 30 April 2010

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Rebecca Galley
20 November 2009

This Cloud has been set up to discuss the Design Challenge event to be held at LSBU on 13th May 2010. Please do contribute your ideas and thoughts as the event design develops.

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Thank you to all at LSBU for hosting such an interesting and constructive meeting yesterday (19th November 2010). I will embed our slides below and attempt to document the discussion - if I've missed anything out please do add some more content!

12.15 Grainne gave an overview of the JISC-OULDI project and key areas of focus. We explored Cloudworks and discussed how it could be used to support the workshop - supporting the face to face activities with virtual opportunities to reflect, discuss and make links and connections before, during and after the event.

1.10 Rebecca explained how the Design Challenge format has changed over the last 18 months (see for example the Reading Design Challenge and the Brunel Blended Design workshop) and the importance of ensuring that workshop activity, discussion and outputs are clearly located in the context of the University.

1.30 We discussed the focus of the LSBU project being firmly centred on improving academic practice and Rebecca facilitated small group discussions around what individuals might want to offer and how stalls might be grouped to best support the event.

One of the key themes of the discussions was the importance of focusing on supporting innovation. The list of stalls suggested by the groups were:

1. Planned access to support. This stall will include staff from DDS, the library and IT/ study skills. It will showcase the resources available to staff and also promote thinking about accessibility throughout the design process. It was suggested that stall could produce a diagram detailing factors that could/should be considered in the design of a course which predicts (rather than reacts) to student needs.

2. Innovation. The purpose of this stall is to support innovation. It was suggested that the stall offer a number of subgroups and be structured in a similar way to the successful 'what can you learn in 15minutes' workshops.

3. LSBU curriculum design process. This stall could include people from computer services, business process, quality unit LTEU etc. This stall would provide support and advice on the course approval process.

4. Media services and educational technology

5. Learning design

This discussion activity generated a number of excellent ideas for the workshop, including the suggestion that 2 students should participate in each group, that a series of 'reality checkers' review group progress from time to time (a range of 'lenses' was suggested ie Edward De Bonos 6 Hats), and that each group could be supported by an educational technologist. It was proposed that we try and engender the competitive spirit between teams and stalls evident at the OU FELS Design Challenge and one area for discussion is how we might do this! Maria Papaefthimiou from Reading University and Natalie Parnis from Brunel were able to share their experience and experiences of hosting a Design Challenge which was invaluable.

It really was a very useful meeting and  I wanted to add part of an email Ruth sent out to us all yesterday (I hope you don't mind me adding this Ruth but I thought it summed up the energy of the meeting so well):

"I would like to think that the ideas we were playing with today are built on that [competitive] spirit, and also on the desire to develop exceptional teaching, streamlined processes and successful students."

Rebecca Galley
14:19 on 20 November 2009 (Edited 14:27 on 20 November 2009)

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OULDI flyer

OULDI flyer

added by Rebecca Galley


Gráinne Conole
4:25pm 21 November 2009

Just wanted to add to Rebecca's summary that I thought it was a very productive meeting and based on the discussions and ideas it's looking like being a very exciting event. I particularly like the idea of involving students in each design team.

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