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Pecha Kucha Presentations

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Matt Lingard
22 November 2009

"Pecha Kucha" is a presentation format where the presenter is limited to 20 slides.  Each slide has to be an image and can only be shown for 20-seconds, resulting in a presentation of 6-minutes & 40-seconds exactly!

It's a format with benefits for both the audience and the presenter.  The audience knows it is getting a short, focused presentation.  For the presenter it's a great tool for really focussing in on the point(s) you are trying to get across. 

More on Pecha Kucha (wikipedia)

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Gráinne Conole
5:59pm 22 November 2009

Wow brilliant matt totally brilliant! Really like the Pecha Kucha presentation approach not come across that and your summary of cloudworks is excellent!!! Would love to hear more about how it went down and comments from the audience!! Cloudworks in Greek and Spanish - yay!

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