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What educational research do you wish was better known?

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Juliette Culver
23 November 2009

What education/edtech research do you wish was better known either among educators or researchers? If you had to convince somebody at a party what education research had achieved, what would you tell them about?

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Gráinne Conole
4:09pm 23 November 2009

What an interesting question! Well you won't be surprised to hear me say learning design research ;-) Somehow it doesn't sound very sexy, in comparision with say web 2.0 research, virtual worlds or gaming technologies. But I think it we can tackle some of the tricky questions at the heart of learning design it will make a big difference. I say if!!!

Juliette Culver
4:14pm 23 November 2009

lol, I think I should have probably have added a rule that you're not allowed to name your own research ;-)

Rebecca Galley
4:16pm 23 November 2009

Hi Juliette - there's lots! Just for starters I have added links to NIACE's Catching Confidence project (ended 2006). I first used this tool when I was working with excluded teenagers (although I didn't use the NIACE forms which are simply not cool enough I'm afraid...!) I have continued to use an adaptation of the mind-map version in all sorts of groups where it was important to reflect on and record change across the affective domain and/or soft skills (ie in organisations, in teacher training contexts etc). 

Giota Alevizou
11:31am 24 November 2009 (Edited 11:33am 24 November 2009)


Yes, lots for me too. I will contain myself in the following:

  • the intersections between skills, information and networked (and/or digital) media literacy. There's a lot of stuff in digital literacies in different contexts and continents, but I would like to see how the above intersections can be/are 'working'/experienced by different participants (say teacher/student/ed technologist/faciliator) in object-or goal/oriented cases/context for learning. I will try to dig out relevant references as there are some projects around...
  •  more about comparative studies on diverse sets of OER projects from around the world. Taking participatory research forward, ISKME has developed a framework that tracked trajectories of development, use and reuse across diverse cases. I think there is a lot of scope for aligning research disciplines with OER more closely in order to create knowledge-sharing communities.

I have a few more, I will try to articulate them better and post something...

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