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JISC at Ascilite 2009

A page to share questions and discussion around the conference

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Lisa Gray
24 November 2009

This is a space for those in the UK who are at the Ascilite conference to discuss and review what trends, issues and challenges are emerging from the conference, in order to inform a report which will go to colleagues at JISC. Your input would be very welcome. I've added a set of questions that I and other colleagues are particularly interested in finding some answers to, so through the conference please do add to the answers and add your own questions!

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General  issues:

  • What are the general trends emerging in e-learning  in Australia and New Zealand?
  • What are the key issues / challenges facing higher and further education?
  • What approaches NZ is taking to embedding elearning into learning and teaching practice in further and higher education?
  • What are the benefits of having a coordinated, nation-wide approach to some areas. Eg. They have government-funded 'Shared Services' in place (e.g. a Unique Student Identifier - what benefits has this brought? Have they explored piggy-backing more complex Shared Services such as national e-portfolio systems and what conclusions have they reached?)
  • Where are they up to with sharing learning content and open educational resource type of issues? Again, I think they invested in this in the past through participating in the Learning Federation content but where are they going now?

e-Portfolio related questions:

  • To what extent are e-portfolios in use in schools, colleges, Universities, professional sectors?
  • What are the main drivers of use?
  • Who are the main players?  
  • What tools are in use?
  • Is Mahara part of a strategic initiative, and if so how is this being taken forward?
  • Within institutions, how is e-portfolio provision organised?
  •  Does your institution engage staff in the use of e-portfolios for staff professional development activities? E.g. new lecturer training
  • How widely are e-portfolios used in your institution? E.g. one course or several courses?
  • What are e-portfolios being used for? E.g. supoprting transition, work-based learning or assessment? 
  • Which learning processes are being supported by e-portfolios? E.g. reflection, planning.



Lisa Gray
14:20 on 24 November 2009 (Edited 01:29 on 2 December 2009)

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Gráinne Conole
2:41pm 24 November 2009

Great idea Lisa - will be good to capture our experiences here. Happy to help on the JISC stall and to answer any questions people have at the conference about JISC from a members perspective (was on the JOS committee, now on JLT) and from a foot soldier perspective as someone who has had JISC projects.

Tom Browne
2:58pm 24 November 2009


this is a great idea.  Looking through the programme, there are a number of Brits at ascilite.  Don't know if its worth contacting them all if you want a UK perspective on Australasia?

My thoughts fall under your 'General' heading.

1. Are Oz and NZ one entitly or 2 in relation to e-learning?

2. And with respect to e-learning, I think the acronym 'TEL' is commonplace there now too.

3. I have a slightly greater awareness of Oz, than NZ, partly because of interests at Exeter and also that I was at ascilite 2008 (Melbourne) - a great conference.   There appears to be a lot of Oz activity in TRN (teaching research nexus), with much input from UK Mick Healy and Alan Jenkins.

4. I became aware at ascilite 2008 of the contractual differences between  HE 'support staff' in the UK and Oz.  In Oz, such staff are expected to have a research profile.  In the UK, it is often regarded with suspicion.

5. My current big intererest is OER.   With respect to NZ, I've only found meaningful activity at Otago (University or Polyechnic, or maybe both).


Gráinne Conole
3:32pm 24 November 2009

Do we know what the #hash tag is for the conference yet? I can then automatically incorporate tweet stream on clouscape page and set up a twapperkeeper archive.

Lisa Gray
3:36pm 24 November 2009 (Edited 3:36pm 24 November 2009)

Yes, I've added it as a tag to this page - #ascilite09. Thanks Grainne, that'd be great.

Lisa Gray
8:43pm 7 December 2009 (Edited 10:23pm 8 December 2009)

Australian e-portfolio context - Australian e-Portfolio Forum and Ascilite

One of they key drivers for use of e-portfolios in Australia has been the Bradley Report - and many institutions have a set of graduate attributes / qualities for their learners that e-portfolios are being used to evidence against.  Australia and New Zealand haven't had the PDP requirement that we have had in the UK, and in some cases support for these skills sit within career development units. From the  e-Portfolio Forum, tools in use included PebblePad (RMIT, UniSA who both presented, University of Sydney), Mahara (Ballarat) and institutionally developed tools (QUT and Curtin).

The practice that was presented from RMIT and UniSA was excellent, both with leadership and vision at DVC level.  At RMIT e-portfolios are being used as a change agent, with phased roll outs planned but with an institutional vision around graduate attributes, work-integrated learning, and professional accreditation requirements.  


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