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Evaluation: Ascilite workshop evaluation and action plan

Evaluation of the learning design workshop, 6th December

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Gráinne Conole
25 November 2009

Use the post-it notes around the room to answer the following questions. Please answer the questions as fully as possible:

  • Have your objectives for the workshop been met?
  • What did you think of the format and content of the workshop?
  • What did you like about the session?
  • What could be improved?
  • What three  words would you use to describe the representations presented?
  • What 3 words would you use to describe Cloudworks?
  • What action points have you identified as a result of this workshop?

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  • Access to rich source of tools and liked the introduction to cloudworks
  • Useful workshop, good mix of activities, both halves were interesting, information. I think I will use the tools and the knowledge
  • Fine, both halves were useful (but separate)
  • Very useful, good mix of introduction to new ideas and activities
  • Balance of task-based and directed input, dividing up the time into clear pieces
  • Format good with opportunity to get hands on, content introductory
  • Two parts – good. First part ideas to take away – good. Second par – too much detail about cloudworks
  • The activity before the break could have been extended for the whole time, to get something really useful from it. Cloudworks can be done individually online after the session

Gráinne Conole
18:22 on 6 December 2009 (Edited 18:24 on 6 December 2009)


  • New ideas, could discuss these with colleagues on how we could apply them
  • Fresh perspective on learning design
  • Concepts in cloudworks, resources available and also links on cloudworks
  • Cloudquest activity to get to know cloudworks was great J
  • AUTC learning designs activity part was very interesting
  • Excellent, very hands on
  • Hands on
  • Examples and models given, its great to have these to take away
  • Like the cloudworks site!
  • Provision of worksheets and websites and online tools
  • Good pace, links to review later, overall interesting.

Gráinne Conole
18:23 on 6 December 2009

Didn’t like, what could be improved

  • A bit too much in the time
  • Over emphasis on tools
  • Have computers already set up ready for participants on the web page (negates log on problems)
  • Cloudworks – introduction was about sharing learning designs, some good examples would have been useful (rather than just tools)
  • References to underlying research and evaluation studies
  • Section on cloudworks needs greater link to learning design
  • Would have been nice to play with CompendiumLD etc and other learning design representation tools
  • More discussion of different learning designs
  • Description of workshop misleading but content very valuable
  • Less cloudworks and more hands on with other tools shown
  • Could be improved: overview of learning design vs. instructional design, key tools that can be used by learning designers
  • Time factor possibly ambitious for worksheet input. Would have benefitted from more sharing of ideas before working on the worksheet
  • Don’t just present tools, without a chance to use them

Gráinne Conole
18:23 on 6 December 2009

Three words to describe the workshop and the representations

  • Too fast, useful good intro to info to further explore
  • Research-based, text and graphical, useful as models
  • Liked balance between generic and specific
  • Representations: liked first half representations, second half will go away and have a look

Gráinne Conole
18:24 on 6 December 2009

Three words to describe cloudworks

  • Conducive, collaborative, clarity
  • Clear, concise, communicative
  • Interesting, think bigger, open mind
  • Confusing!, captivating!, worth investigation (thorough!)
  • Clouds – useful resource, will follow!
  • Sharing, connecting, re-using
  • Like interactive delicious
  • Networking, more tool than content
  • Cloudworks bound

Gráinne Conole
18:24 on 6 December 2009

Action plan

  • Keep up the sharing!
  • Need to think more about representation of learning designs created
  • Can our logins stay active for more than 1 week in cloudworks ?Answer yes! Permanent!
  • Way too many to list!
  • Get into cloudworks to follow up ideas, explore learning designs
  • See how I can map the key concepts to what learning designs I do
  • Look at cloudworks, pedagogy profile use it to justify particular discipline approaches to learning
  • Links and opportunity to follow up more later

Gráinne Conole
18:24 on 6 December 2009

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