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Learning Difficulties: Supporting Students with Learning Difficulties

Tools and resources which enhance the learning experience of students with learning difficulties.

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Niav McEvoy
26 November 2009

This cloud will bring together summaries of the various tools and resources available to students with learning difficulties.

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Read please

This software is available as a free download to students. Essentially, the student cuts and pastes the required document in to the readplease software, press play and the document is read back to the student.

Students can purchase an upgraded version from the readplease website, which has the added feature of allowing conversion of word documents to mp3.

Screen R

 Screen R can be used to capture the on screen content - for example, you could do a referencing demo on scren, and capture it all on screenr.

A voice over can be added to enhance the students learning experience.

You will need a twitter account to use screen r.


Niav McEvoy
10:42 on 26 November 2009 (Edited 14:18 on 27 November 2009)

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