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Assessment of Intercultural Competences

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Kamakshi Rajagopal
26 November 2009

Some questions to discuss after the CEFCult kick-off:

How can you assess intercultural competences? Which are the criteria you can base assessment on?

Is there something such as expert assessment of intercultural competence? Or is it always self-assessment and reflection by the learner? Can peer-assessment play a role - if yes, which form does this take?

There are several proposed frameworks (INCA, YOGA, LEA, CILT, LOLIPOP, etc. - listed below) but none of them have become mainstream (or are endorsed by the Council of Europe). Which one can we adopt for the CEFCult project? 

What form will the feedback we give learners take? Should we be focussing on cultivating an intercultural mindset in the learner?



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