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Scenarios to orchestrate settings for intercultural competence assessment

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Kamakshi Rajagopal
26 November 2009

For the CEFCult project, we need to devise 3 scenarios to create the setting for extracting behaviour that shows intercultural competences.

In the discussions during the kick-off meeting, we talked about this extensively. I see the following 5 parameters that need to be defined per scenario. 

- overall setting of the task: HE, business, other...

- communication task: job interview, task division/giving a task in project management context, problem-solving in project management context, ....

- communication channel: face2face, telephone/skype, conference call, videoconference, online webconference

- degree of prominance of intercultural setting (ranging from very obvious intercultural issues to more-or-less hidden intercultural issues)

- role-play/simulation -- real/semi-real situations

This is of course my interpretation. Do you have any more to add?

Can we also start defining each scenario?


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