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MXRL: Mixed Reality Learning

Exploring the implications of Augmented and Mixed Reality in formal and non/informal learning contexts.

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Mark A.M. Kramer
30 November 2009

This ability to combine digital media / information and augment the physical world is commonly referred to as Mixed Reality. Moreover, this ability to fuse digital media within the physical gives way to the potential for Mixed reality learning which creates the ideal conditions for locative, contextual and situational-based learning scenarios. Recent advances in mobile technologies are primarily to reason for the ability for mixed-reality learning scenarios to emerge. "The incorporation of various rich sensors into new phones such as GPS location, wireless sensitivity, compass direction, accelerometer movement as well as sound and image recognition are enabling new ways in which we are able to interact with the world around us."  Furthermore, the tools (software) and technologies (hardware) are more evenly distributed and are at our disposal to deploy mixed reality learning scenarios that deliver rich, immersive, augmented reality content which could potentially re-shape how individuals and groups approach learning and education.

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Exploring Mixed Reality Learning Scenarios

Exploring Mixed Reality Learning Scenarios

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