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What drives the use of Web 2.0?Who plans for it?

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Donna Cullen
30 November 2009

What were the drivers for the introduction of web 2.0 technologies to the working practice under consideration?

[Political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental]

In what order do you think change to working practices occurs?  Does Web 2.0 drive the change or is the change already in existence and Web 2.0 simply facilitates or enhances?

Who were/are the main mediators in the uptake? Was the change top-down, bottom-up or a combination?

Are there any formal mechanisms for capturing new technologies as they emerge and monitoring their effect on staff roles and working practices?

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Adam Read
2:59pm 30 November 2009

In our institution, innovative use of web2.0 and ICT has been driven by teaching staff (and central departments - e.g. e-Learning) rather than from senior management.

As a result, staff encourage other staff informally....a lot of show and tell takes place over coffee!

We have also hoped (as part of our new e-Learning strategy) to offer interested parties the chance to gain recognized accredited qualifications in e-Learning.

Archie MacDonald
3:30pm 4 December 2009

It would be interesting to see how much of the use is bottom-up, from grass-roots use. At some point institutions need to develop polices on web 2.0 use, particularly when unregulated use of twitter, Facebook etc can lead to misunderstandings and legally compromise individuals and institutions. A good resource with guidance on the legal issues is:


Rebecca Galley
3:42pm 4 December 2009

I agree that use will often be bottom up in educational institutions and this is an issue in that some institutions will not have higher level processes which support use of web 2.0 ie filters that block access to key sites like Slideshare. In addition procedural issues such as appropriate educational use of Facebook will not be being discussed at an institutional level leaving lecturers in an unclear and potentially vulnerable position.

Donna Cullen
4:20pm 4 December 2009

Totally agree. I think that institutions need to take a more active role here. If users feel more confident about their web 2.0 contributions they will open up more and be more likely to try new appraoches.


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