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What will Web 2.0 look like in 5 years time?

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Donna Cullen
30 November 2009

How might we be using Web 2.0 or other emerging technologies in 5 years time? 

What might account for a change in trend or indeed a persistence of existing approaches?

Will this bring new implications for staff in terms of roles, relationships and responsibilities?

What do institutions and/or individuals need to do to prepare for such changes?

Are you aware of any formal mechanisms for capturing new technologies as they emerge and monitoring their effect on staff roles and working practices? Do you think these mechanisms could be improved?

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Archie MacDonald
3:34pm 4 December 2009

How hard will it be for non-technical users to keep up with new developments in web 2.0 if it is not integral to their job.

Do we need keep up?


Will Allen
3:11pm 23 December 2009

In many ways 5 years time will be the same ... there'll be emerging technologies plus emergent uses of technologies too.  (Note: It's important to understand the distinction between 'emerging' versus 'emergent')

My hunch is that over the coming years there'll be a greater focus on staff being "digitally fluent" i.e. the importance to be able to switch between different tools and technologies depending on purpose, situation or need.

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