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Open Social Learning

VI International Seminar of the UNESCO Chair in e-learning, 30 november/1st December 2009, Barcelona

Cloud created by:

Antonella Esposito
30 November 2009

This cloud is set up to collect resources about the projects presented at the Open Social Learning Seminar hosted by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona. I am following the event only via Twitter.

Twitter hashtag: #eLChair09

All the tweets with the conference hashtag are collected here.

Day 1 tweets are visualized here. using Wordle.

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DAY 1 - Scheduled talks 30 november 2009

George Siemens, Associate Director of the Learning Technologies Center. Manitoba University, Canada.
Connectivism: Socializing Open Learning

Alejandro Piscitelli
, Former CEO of, education portal of Argentina. Professor at the School of Communication, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
‘The Facebook Project. Edupunk and the redesign of power/knowledge relations in a public university setting’

Joel Greenberg , Technical Director, SocialLearn Project, The Open University, UK.
‘Code, Community and Commerce for OSL’

George Siemens and Kathleen Matheos
, University of Manitoba, Canada.
‘Open Social Learning in Higher Education: An African Context’

Tony Carr, University of Cape Town, South Africa
‘Facilitating Online’

Carlos Santos and Luís Pedro, University of Aveiro, Portugal
SAPO Campus Project

Tom Caswell and Marion Jensen, Utah State University, USA.
‘TwHistory: Historical Reenactments with Twitter’

DAY 2 - Scheduled talks 1st December

Stephen Downes, Senior Research for the National Research Council of Canada.

'The Role of Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning'

Laura Czerniewicz and Tony Carr, Director and Senior Lecturer, respectively, of the Center for Educational Technology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
'e/merge: Peer learning online from developing contexts'

Jay Cross, independent consultant, founder and CEO of the Internet Time Group LLC, Berkeley, USA.
'Meta-Learning: Process of Learning in the Network Era'
Gemma Aguado, eLearn Center, and Carles Fernández, Learning Technologies
In search for pedagogical value of OSL: UOC experiment in progress
Iolanda García, Director of Innovation at the eLearn Center
Report on Open Social Learning in Spain

Antonella Esposito
16:00 on 30 November 2009 (Edited 10:18 on 1 December 2009)

Eyes Wide Open - Blog posting on openness

Laura Czerniewicz
11:55 on 1 December 2009

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Antonella Esposito
4:17pm 30 November 2009 (Edited 5:10pm 30 November 2009)

Just a taste from Twitter while Carlos Santos and Luis Pedro presenting their SAPO Project, a social media platfom for a university context.

@csantos & @lfpedro the new b-learning is not face-to-face/online, but formal/informal learning #eLChair09

@csantos & @lfpedro an institutionally supported PLE is one of the key goals for the project #eLChair09

@csantos & @lfpedro institutional constraints: students' work needs to be available for 5 years for admin and formal purposes #eLchair09

PulsarCVB #elChair09 SAPO Campus: a set of aggregation services integrated in a platform, an institutionally supported PLE

sapocampus the project is also on twitter ;) #elChair09

josemota @csantos & @lfpedro 1 principle: there's an egalitarian view, no hierarchies to differentiate users by status teachers, stds ... #eLchair09

josemota @csantos & @lfpedro core widget platform for aggregating external content is from Netvibes #eLchair09

Antonella Esposito
6:51pm 30 November 2009 (Edited 11:02am 2 December 2009)

I'm not sure if this makes sense, but I tried to sifting trough Day 1 and Day 2 tweets some quotes and comments about:


evadelera Piscitelli on a need to reinvent the university... facebook as one step... #eLChair09

Czernie @piscitelli at at #eLChair09 FB in Ed Project No exams no assessment. How is this done?

josemota Many profs not paid, no wifi at Uni., bought their own gear (router+3G) to be in the network-when there's a will ... @piscitelli #eLChair09

pvil RT @jaycross: @piscitelli talking Edupunk on Facebook. Participate, converge, communities, architecture,identity, sustainability. #eLChair09

angelescastro Fwd: @piscitelli #eLChair09 Varela, Foucault, etc were edupunk (before there was a word for it) (vía

josemota FB "To use is to publish & to publish is to build identity" @piscitelli Maybe we should think about how we use it then? #eLChair09

evadelera Piscitelli focuses on visual skills... how accessible to the blind can this be? How accessible and open is FB? #eLChair09

@Czernie: "The thesis of the ignorant teacher counterblances the broadcast paradigm" Provocative! @piscitelli at #eLChair09

vanani00 #elChair09.. Pisciteli: "the student want to be part of something bigger"

josemota RT @Czernie: FB Trojan Horse, students not middle class, no home access, innovation, reshaping student experience @piscitelli at #eLChair09

Czernie @piscitelli at #eLChair09 - students at Buenos A uni did not want to do Edu FB because many reject FB on principle (unusual!?)

Czernie That's one I have never heard- Generation Einstein (post 1982)- not quite the digital native says @piscitelli at at #eLChair09

Czernie A change! Why is the FB Prjec not being rerun next year? The profs are young & getting bored, want to do somthing new @piscitelli #eLChair09

evadelera Jenkins, Siemens... It's all clear, we need a revolution in education, who will tell those sitting comfortably in the system? #eLChair09

evadelera Piscitelli wants to bring fun into the class (relates, engagement, but of course! What were we thinking about? #eLChair09

@Downes @gsiemens #eLChair09 listening to @piscitelli it seems we should focus in the next #cck09 on more creative acts by participants

josemota RT @weblearning: Take 2 - Google Translate of the Facebook Project #eLChair09


Czernie Joel Greenberg of the OU now talking about Code Community and Commerce. "My benchmark is always my own kids" he says :-) #eLChair09

jomiralb Higher education must remove artificial barriers Joel Greenberg #eLchair09

Lots of people are using OER, but not many are remixing and 'giving it back"-J.Greenberg #elChair09

Czernie People are taking OU stuff. But they are not giving it back. Joel Greenberg - about addressing this issue in learning #eLChair09

@PulsarCVB #elChair09 Greenberg "students will not hang out in VLEs"

@Czernie How do you get someone to stop and think? Greenberg talks abt this systemically as the key question in the OU's new opensocial #eLChair09

@evadelera: Great questions by JGreenberg -accrediation needed?,use of VLE/LMSs? How to motivate educators to engage with OSL? #eLChair09

@silviabravo joel is translating social networks wording into sensemaking for learning developers and researchers! #eLChair09

@CarlesFernandez We need to make our OSL experiences more transparent for educators. Start with real visible experiences and then link with theory #eLChair09

@evadelera Joel on not dismissing traditional media... fully agree, we're just a bunch of kids when it comes to new stuff... #eLChair09

joelgreenberg Perhaps informal learning is one answer to massification in education. #eLChair09


Reflective practice is the core of a transformation process! Tony Carr

a TCarr: searched for good practices; 2 models stood out - Giilly Salmon's & Nancy White's #eLChair09

josemota Tony Carr: making the transition to online teaching may get messy if you are not prepared or lack some needed competencies #eLChair09


jomiralb Analysis on participation in e-learning can show deeply cultural factors. Laura Cziernevicz #eLChair09

josemota Siemens&Matheos "you need a certain degree of self-efficacy to participate online". Was the problem pedagogical or cultural? #eLChair09

jomiralb How do social, economic, political and cultural contexts impact self.efficacy (Geroge Siemens) #eLchair09

baal1844 #eLChair09 cultural issues must be taken into account when designing pedagogy systems

vanani00 #elChair09. students, teachers, institutions are not isolated elements, they are connected by a culture. We have to be ready to deal with.

josemota Siemens&Matheos Students expected a traditional course (some teach, others learn) which created problems with participation #eLChair09

lfpedro When you learn transparently you become a teacher @gsiemens #eLChair09

lfpedro Technology is like philosophy: the way you program it conveys a view of the world @gsiemens at #eLChair09


evadelera Downes trapped between theory and practice and how conversational learning can connect the dots/gap to experience... #eLChair09

Czernie Cognitive knowedge is a supposition, practical knowledge is the thing says @Downes #eLChair09   23 minutes ago from web

vanani00 #eLChair09. In this room, right now, we are creating a conceptual artifact called "knowledge building theory" departing from "connectivity".

vanani00 #eLChair09. Knowledge is embedded in the 'conceptual artifacts' that we are able to create and manage during a conversation.   23 minutes ago from

ricardoroman Redes sociales son el espacion donde aprendemos a hablar y practicar conocimiento (y ciencia) como conversación @Downes #elchair09 @gsiemens

eblearning Performance outcomes - you don't care if the person learned anything. OBE, are you paying attention? @Downes #eLChair09

piscitelli Going core of the problem. Management vs learning #elchair09 @Downes "For who's benefit is the purpose of learning" #elchair09

piscitelli RT @CarlesFernandez: The PRODUCT is the learner and his/her actual set of connections #elchair09 Objetivo/logro #proyectofacefook

francesbell Metamessage is learning is >>>> 'frozen' knowledge, so let's help people who help learning happen - learners and teachers #elchair09

josemota RT @weblearning: The people that benefit most from OER are the people that create them. Create your own resources. @Downes #eLChair09

paullowe RT @gsiemens: Social networks are space in which we learn to speak and practice knowledge (and science) as conversation @Downes #elchair09

luzpearson @downes is the doing from something that generates the knowledge, if you are not doing you are not learning #elchair09

josemota RT @tom4cam: @Downes: The only sustainable system of Open Ed is the production of resources by learners. Provocative! #eLChair09

evadelera Is learning the connection of neurons? I like to think it is the activation and creation of new neurons ;-) Exercising the brain. #eLChair09

evadelera If I'm not mistaken I think Downes is talking about Communilearning and the power of teamwork. I would add interdisciplinary ;-)) #eLChair09

luzpearson @downes people benefiting from open educational resources is the people creating/forming connections #elchair09 #cck09

@downes is the doing from something that generates the knowledge, if you are not doing you are not learning #elchair09

@Downes @gsiemens Connectivism = radical epistemology. Traditiona pedagogy and "managementology" are orthogonal to their views #elchair09


evadelera Czerniewicz on designing for diversity topic - social-learning-technological... 2007 article at #eLChair09

josemota RT @evadelera: Czerniewicz on designing for diversity - social-learning-technological... 2007 article at #eLChair09

gsiemens #elchair09 - hearing about degrees of openness...a continuum. @Czernie @tony_carr & @tony_emerge

piscitelli Laura Czerniewicz and Tony Carr: "e/merge: Peer learning online from developing contexts" #elchair09

pvil #eLChair09 The question was deliberately ambiguous, what has changed?: In us, in elearning, in events, even in the world ...

vanani00 @pvil the only change that I clearly see, is that there is more people 'talking about' the changes to be done, which is good! ;) #eLChair09   2 minutes ago from

lfpedro Openness: a question of technology AND practices @tony_carr at #eLChair09

Excellent presentation on ‘Designing for diversity in an opening world’ by Carr&Czerniewicz at #eLChair09 now on Prezi


gsiemens @jaycross on the subject of meta-learning #elchair09 - sharing stories

gsiemens @jaycross - changing the value of something messes with the mind. now we are seeing a change in the value of time #elchair09

@jaycross "do I really want a subject matter expert or a subject matter network" #elchair09

(2 minutes ago)
From nodes to hierarchies to networks - we're in a transitions phase @jaycross #eLChair09

vanani00 #eLChair09 informal settings, learning is there but isn't the goal. Formal settings, intended learning can not be there, but it's the goal.

evadelera Cross on top executives sharing, reflecting, turning work into learning... I think trust and respect could lead us a long way ;-) #eLChair09

piscitelli Jay Cross Become a chief metalearning officer #elchair09

martaestella J Cross' worker-centric business, similar to student-centric learning #eLChair09

Czernie CIA using web 2.0 tools, sharing info on wikis- [what an unexpected world :-) ]@jaycross #eLChair09

joelgreenberg Jay Cross seems to be saying that the learner/worker is at the centre but has to be part of a team/group to learn. #eLChair09

jomiralb I like the idea because youngster should keep this in mind: IN the future work = learning (Jay Cross) #eLChair09

RT @lfpedro: Social Learning gets real: from curriculum to competency @jaycross at #eLChair09

weblearning Clever distinction - Meta Learning Officer instead of Chief Learning Officer? HT @piscitelli from #elChair09

josemota RT @weblearning: Picked up this succinct table on differences in Social Learning from @jaycross #eLChair09

Deep discrepancy (form or content?) between @jaycross & @downes #elchair09 How to address power inside organizations?

Czernie Don't wade into the boadroom with a business case, start in the middle and seep up- Joel Greenberg OU on change in organisations #elchair09

Giota Alevizou
1:53pm 1 December 2009

Hi Antonella,

Fantastic backchannel archiving here. And thanks for putting all the resources here too.

Antonella Esposito
2:57pm 1 December 2009 (Edited 3:00pm 1 December 2009)

Thanks, Giota. I tried it and enjoyed it! To be a Cloudworks addict greatly helped me :-) The experience of 'listening' to backchannels that Grainne  Conole & co created for some recent learning desin f-2-f workshops was extremely useful: the related backchannels provided me with the practical and conceptual tools as many springboards for further study and application in my field of interest.

I have to learn loads of things re Twitter, but this new experience for OSL was interesting for different reasons:

- understand what I could grasp of a f-2-f seminar merely harnessing a Twitter stream from participants at the conference;

- find 'my way' in contributing to a Twitter stream related to a remote event;

- draft a form of archive of what I was catching from the stream;

- think if it can make sense any form of reuse of a backchannel (large margins of improvement for this item and above listed);

- think of any form of 'light' application of these channels in a truly traditional context such as the university in which I have been working.

In short, after the fantastic experiences at JISC online conference and at OSL, it's time for me to back to my small planet. Luckily there is Cloudworks!

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