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Mobile Informal Learning by Dirk Burner & Christian Glahn

Mobile Contextualised Learning presentation.

Cloud created by:

Gill Clough
2 December 2009

Mobile Contextualised Informal Learning:

  • Supports learners’ physical mobility
  • Transitions between contexts
  • Detecting, linking and constructing contexts

Taking a perspective on informal learning that includes incidental informal learning

Present prototypes for location based and augmented reaslity browsers for learning. Showing a page of what looks like google map.  Building on two existing apps for android and iPhone. One is ALOQA and the other is LAYAR.

MACE – Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe.

Browsing for content via visual version on mobile phone.

Next picture shows somebody holding up a phone displaying an augmented reality game called locatory. Andriod phone with game that builds upon existing framework GamaRay (open source).

Also looking at how users can add content: Mobile content injection : Context Blogger which allows users to inject additional content.

  • TEAM.SPOD: Mobile Groups connectivity – Interface for android and iPhone. Runs in browser that allows people to connect into services of a group such as social networking groups to see what is happening in the group. Content browser and topic browser.
  • TEAM.CLOUD: Social Peer Information – To give a quick impression of what is going on. Touch-screen interface
  • TEAM.SPACE: Social web
  • RESCOPE – Constructing contexts. Takes social bookmarking tags as it’s display. Looks like aa tagcloud. Uses colours to indicate tags that are most recently used to allow people to see how focus in bookmarking is changing over time.
  • COFINDER – still at mockup level. Prototype.

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