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A.2 Introductions

Please tell us a little bit about yourself here

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Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos
3 December 2009

This is a space for introductions:

  • about yourself
  • what you do and your teaching/research interests
  • your institution 
  • your experience with OER
  • anything else you wish to share with us 
Also, in one paragraph, please state what you would like to get out of the workshop by the end of the week.


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Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos
8:35pm 6 December 2009 (Edited 9:49am 7 December 2009)

I think it's a good idea to introduce ourselves because we have a few guests attending this workshop.

I am Andreia Santos and I work for OLnet as a research associate.  I have been at the OU since 2002, and have previously worked for the OpenLearn initiative for 2.5 years as a research fellow. 

My job as a research associate  at OLnet involves finding out about the use and reuse of OER for both formal and informal learning. I am also very much interested in understanding how online communities on OER can be supported and fostered, with the aim to increase the sharing of content and experiences.

By the end of this week I expect to have had:

  • plenty of opportunities for sharing ideas about OER in general and about the OLnet;
  • a chance to test out different technologies and formats to deliver virtual workshops;
  • the opportunity to learn more about my colleagues' research interests and views.

Patrick McAndrew
9:02am 7 December 2009

I am Patrick McAndrew. I have worked at The Open University for 10 years where I am Associate Director of Learning and Teaching in the Institute of Educational Technology, and also Director of OLnet.

I became involved in OER through working (along with Andreia) on the OU's OpenLearn initiiative that made content and an environment available for free access to learning materials.

I see this week as a chance to pause and look around at what other people are doing and to test out ways we can go beyond boundaries in a virtual workshop.

Giota Alevizou
9:32am 7 December 2009 (Edited 11:56am 7 December 2009)

I am Giota (also known as Panagiota) Alevizou. I joined the Open University in July 2009 and have since been working on the Olnet project as a research associate.

I became involved in OERs through my research in encyclopaedias, in general and open content communities, in particular - the most popular of which is Wikipedia. I experimented with open resources and open pedagogies when teaching postgraduate courses in media and communications at the universities of Sussex and LSE.

Since I joined Olnet, I have been looking at a number of cases and interviewed a number of participants from the international OER community to develop  evaluative approaches and  a working framework on the nature of openess and collaboration in OERs, and to address the opportunities as well as challenges relating to awareness, adoption and (re)use, participatory interfaces, emerging pedagogies.

I too see this week as an opportunity to learn from, and through, my collegues' work and interests. I hope that this week will be the start of an dialogue on the ways in which we can research and support learning within an OER context.

Andy Lane
10:22am 7 December 2009

I am Andy Lane and I have been at the Open University for 26 years. I have undertaken many roles during that time but the most relevant to this week has been as Director of OpenLearn until recently. So I have to take some responsibility for what OpenLearn has turned out like although I had a large and talented team to help me!

Throughout my time as Director of OpenLearn I have been studying its relevance to the OU and to teaching and learning practice and I am continuing to do so as a Senior Fellow in SCORE (Support Centre for Open Resources in Education).

I see this week as another opportunity to test out my understandings of OER and their significance fro education in general.

Giselle Ferreira
11:24am 7 December 2009

Hi all - I'm Giselle Ferreira and I've been at the OU for 11 years, when I've done a number of things including course development and research (as a central academic), student support (as an AL in various courses) and some other bits (at the Nottingham Region and on campus). I worked with Andreia, Patrick and Andy on OpenLearn, and I'm an  OLnet Associate currently working with Tina Wilson on a project funded by the Higher Education Academy.

I'm interested in all things related to OER, with a special interest in issues related to engagement with these resources. I carried out some research on this whilst working on OpenLearn, and I ended up with many questions concerning what strikes me as the blurring of boundaries between 'teacher' and 'student' and the need to re-evaluate the relationship between 'teaching' and 'learning - stuff of potentially enormous impact on education as a whole.

I see this week as an opportunity to 'take stock', reconnect with people I know and connect with people I'm hoping to meet!

Karen Cropper
2:17pm 7 December 2009

I am Karen Cropper.  I am the Project and Liaison Manager for the OLnet project.  I have been working for the Open University for nearly two years and have been in my current role since the middle of September 2009.  Prior to working at the OU I have spent many years working both in and with the voluntary sector and local government.

I see this week as an opportunity to try out the different tools we have available and find out more about the views and perspectives of the OLnet team members and other outside participants in this pilot exercise in relation to the world of OERs.

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