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Presentation: Bennett and Agostinho: Learning Design Workshop

Ascilite Learning Design Workshop, 6th December 2009

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Gráinne Conole
5 December 2009

Presentation slides by Sue Bennett and Shirley Agostinho

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Sue and Shirley gave a brief introduction to the concept of learning design and the work that they have been doing as part of the AUTC Learning Design project. They then presented six learning designs which have been represented in their format (which is a mix of a graphical representation - based around the tasks, resource and support for an activity and a more detailed textual description). Participants were then given ten minutes to look through the designs and choose one to work on further, to adapt to their contexts. Participants then groups together with others who had choose the same design and started exploring how they could adapt it. In particular they were asked the following questions:

  • What is your role (lecturer, educational designer, etc.)?
  • What discipline do you teach or design for?
  • Do you teach at/design for undergraduate level, postgraduate level or both?
  • Which learning design did you select (case-based learning, predict-observe-explain, developing professional skills, iterative problem solving, online role play, stakeholder decision making)?
  • Why did you select this learning design?
  • Who are you designing for?
  • What learning objectives or outcomes are you considering?

Gráinne Conole
00:28 on 6 December 2009

Plenary feedback

When you looked through the six designs, did you understand them, what did you think? It helps to have something of your own to fix onto.

Common strategy appeared to be to read the designs and at the same time trying to contextualise them. What were the most useful aspect – the brief description and the graphical representation? The brief description helped you to immediately think if it’s relevant. Similarly the title can help identify it its relevant to you. Also the textual description helps to assess if its useful, the detail helps to clarify the design. Using it as an inspiration – the graphical representation had the right balance of summary and detail. Learning objectives and pedagogy rationale helped with final discussion in terms of choosing a final design. Similarly the resources can be very helpful in terms of being concrete, concrete examples I can use.In their groups they shared their indivudal contexts. Would have found it useful to be able to to distinguish between resources produced by the teacher and the students and also to show indivudal verses group-based tasks. Some confusion between what is a resource and what is a support. Would find it helpful if the designs include a key which indicates what each of the terms mean - like task, resource and support. One participant created a column alongside the graphic to annotate and add additional context. Would be good to include a contextual case study for each of the learning designs. But for others they felt that a case study would narrow their thinking, it would be too specific. It's important to be creative in going from the general design to their own specifc context. This balance between generic and detailed context is a well known issue in learning design research.

One example of a redesign of the case-based learning design

Trying to address a problem: Business management first year, students don’t come to tutorials, force field analysis is an important concept introduced to students that they have problems with and the tutorials can help them gain a better understanding. Students need to understand where the forces are and how they can manage change within their organisation. I could see that the case-based learning design fitted well with this scenario. There are many case studies around this topic. Get students to look at some case studies with their solutions. Then come together, perhaps online, and pull out some of the treads across these case studies. Followed the design quite closely. Could come up with proposals and then swap these which another group and play devils advocate.

Gráinne Conole
00:51 on 6 December 2009 (Edited 00:55 on 6 December 2009)

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