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Final Keynote at Ascilite 2009 by James Clay

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James Clay
7 December 2009

The world is changing.
Technologies are changing.
Learning is changing.
Our learners are changing. How they learn, where they learn and with whom they learn, all are changing.
Web 2.0 technologies allow learners to remove the social, geographical and physical
barriers to communicate and learn with others.
Mobile technologies allow learners to be more mobile and be able to access learning and learning communities in ways which have never been possible before.
James has extensive experience of mobile learning and has a vision that goes beyond
mobile technologies and focuses on the mobility of the learner, blurring the demarcation
between formal and informal learning. His current vision for tertiary education
encompasses the use of Web 2.0 technologies embedded into an institutional VLE which can be accessed through mobile technologies. Allowing learners a focal point for their studying, whilst allowing the depth and breadth of Web 2.0 to bring a personalised learning experience to students at a time and space to suit them. For the future, James hopes that institutions and others will allow for a flexible, personalised, accessible learning experience for all.

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