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Grand challenges for educational technology

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Gráinne Conole
7 December 2009

Five grand challenges facing educational technology. D you agree? Are there others?

  • The digital divide between the tech savvy and non-tech savvy is ever increasing. How do we deal with this? How can we bring the majority on board or should we even try?
  • To what extend are we seeing evidence of Jenkin’s twelve digital literacies? How can we help those in education develop these more? How might we facilitate the development of these skills in learners?
  • How can we study these kinds of complex, fast evolving technological systems? What new methodologies might be needed?
  • What theoretical insights should we be drawing on to make sense of the co-evolution of tools and users that we are increasingly seeing?
  • Is there evidence of new pedagogies emerging?

To what extent do you agree with these? Are there others we should include?

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