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Cambodia presentation

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Martin Weller
8 December 2009

A presentation from the Build Bright University in Cambodia to the edushare meeting.

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Martin Weller
11:51am 8 December 2009

Build bright university has seven centres spread out geographically across Cambodia.

Workshop in Siem Reap had 30 attendants, looking particularly at assessment and quality. Staff learnt a lot of pedagogic techniques for using IT effectively.

Had a cascading workshop in Sihanouk Ville in another province, for those who could not attend the first one.

Project allocated small amount to books, which made a big difference in a new university.

Some reference to different views on pedagogy - in Cambodia higher education only really (re) started in 1997, so much of pedagogy is traditional, and students value lectures.

Created course module in sustainability in tourism. Used OERs and also explored pedagogic models based around resource and discussion.

Second course in microfinance development, using wetpaint as platform.

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