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Martin Weller
8 December 2009

Presentation from me about openness at the OU

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Openness at the OU

Openness at the OU

added by Martin Weller


Martin Weller
3:37pm 8 December 2009

I talked about how the concept of open had developed at the OU, and the OpenLearn project. I wanted to stress that open education was about more than content, so the key slide is probably the 'ecosystem of openness' one (if the pretentious title doesn't make you feel nauseous that is), where it is as much about engagement and tools as content, but also about different platforms and media.

I turned Patrick McAndrew's 'traps of open education' into an activity where I gave the first one (with Patrick's great 'painting the dinosaur' image) and then got them to come up with three traps or obstacles to implementing an open education policy.

Julie Carle
2:31pm 22 December 2009

and most importantly, Open Attitudes.

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