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Presentation: Donald and Blake Reviewing learning designs with HEART – a learning design support strategy

Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland

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Gráinne Conole
8 December 2009

Reviewing learning designs with HEART – a learning design support strategy


Learner designer – teacher collaboration: the voices of each may be more or less audible in the final design output

Project teams often have discordant voices

E-learning development may be expediated if we can harmonise – sing from the same page

Choices of pedagogical strategy and reuse will be more useful if we do this

The middle-ground of educational design (Goodyear 2005) where ped beliefs find voice as pedagogical practice

Levels of educational design (Goodyear 2005), often we talk mainly at the top level

  • Pedagogical tactics
  • Pedagogical strategy
  • High-level pedagogy
  • Pedagogical philosophy

The power of belief over practice, beliefs are far more influential’s than knowledge (Pajares 1992, pg 311)

Belief/practice dimensions, involve academic staff coding their own beliefs and then consider how to use technology (Bain and McNaught 2006 pg 112)

Does your learning design reflect your pedagogical vision? (Steel 2009 pg 417)

HEART Hearing And Realising Teaching voice

  • Questionnaire (pedagogical dimensions and statements) Google docs
  • Visualisation tool (generated from the questionnaire) IBM many eyes software
  • Discussion – face-to-face (projects meetings, professional development sessions, course development work) and online (private: reflections, notes, journal, personal records and public (collaboration, dialogue, debate, peer review) Social network – Elgg currently but interested in exploring how we might use Cloudworks

Bain and McNaught’s 13 belief/practice dimensions

  • Epistemological beliefs
  • Pedagogical beliefs
  • Curriculum beliefs
  • CAL (technology-supported) practices

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Giota Alevizou
11:23pm 8 December 2009

Very interesting framework!

Claire Donald
8:56am 9 December 2009

I am astounded at the speed at which Grainne has set up this cloud with relevant links and outline our presentation! We will be processing the very thoughtful and encouraging feedback we received at the session today (our thanks to those who participated), and are thinking seriously about the possibilities of switching from elgg to Cloudworks for the networking component of the HEART strategy. The "object-centred" nature of this social network holds great promise.

Gráinne Conole
11:24pm 18 December 2009

Excellent session Claire and happy to talk to you more about how cloudworks might support your actvities.

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