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Essential features of a conferencing system

Guidance for designing or commissioning a system for asynchronous network-supported collaborative learning (ANSCL)

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29 July 2008

When designing or choosing an asynchronous network-supported collaborative learning (ANSCL) system, what features and functions are essential or desirable? How does an ANSCL system need to be different from, say, a mail system or a news group, so as both to enable and promote collaborative learning? A detailed model of an ANSCL system, with discussion of how each of its features arises from a particular need or problem in promoting learning, has been created by the University of Piraeus and the National Technical University of Piraeus. The authors’ description analyses the necessary functionality of a discussion space (posting and reading messages, managing threaded discussion) and a collaborative work space, and the requirements for participants’ awareness of each other’s actions, for group management, and for evaluation. Follow the link for the full analysis in the TELL Pattern Book, pp. 121-194.

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