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Keynote: Clay The future of learning

Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland

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Gráinne Conole
9 December 2009

James Clay The future of learning

  • Please turn on your mobiles and anything else…
  • Books important – its about giving learners choice
  • James plans to talk about mbile learning
  • Is mobile learning about using mobile device, is it learning on the move, or mobility of the learenr
  • why do we have mobile devices and why more than one?
  • Iphone only 2 years old from a phone to something that you can communicate and collaborate in a wealth of ways, changed the way we do it
  • PSP allows you to watch video, listen to audio, watch images, wifi, got a browser, can be a content creator
  • Often with technologies can have unintended consequences
  • Learners can appropriate their devices for their needs
  • Why arent universities braintraining?
  • You dont get web 2.0 stuff unless you do it
  • Starting to see with young kids that they are appropriating technologies with ease
  • Web technologies makes it easier to engae learners in a variety of ways
  • Service such as Qik turns your mobile device into a TV device
  • Not about banning the technologies its about educating the users
  • Twitter is transformative, twitter is about the coffee... coffee conversations
  • With new technologies comes new responsibilities
  • We can learn so much more by working across sector boundaries
  • Learners can access their infomration where and when they want to, they can choose where and when they want to learn
  • Blurrs the boundaries between formal and informal learning
  • Concept of visitors and residents in the digital landscape
  • Benefits of time, personalisaton, reflection
  • We need to develop new ways of working

What are the disadvantages of mobile learning?

  • Technological barriers
  • Costs (of devices and connectivity)
  • Theft as an issue
  • Resistance
  • Data charges
  • Innovation Prevention Department


  • Choice - we all have different personal preferences. It's the context that's importnat. Raido, TV, theatre, internet etc all site side by side....
  • The world is changing but are our institutions changing?
  • We start college in September because our students need to get the harverst in ;-)
  • We need to adopt a more holistic approach, we need to be responsive to the needs of learners, think about the activities students do and we need to think about flexibility, we need to start charing and collaboratiing.
  • Stop thinking about barriers and think about solutions, need to change our culture
  • The future of learning needs to be in the hands of learners

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Here is the keynote paper itself: 

The world is changing. Our learners are changing. How they learn, where they learn and with whom they learn, are all changing. As a result learning is changing.... The question we have to ask though is the institutions which work with learners are they able to change, are they able to change fast enough?

Leslie Carr
09:32 on 9 December 2009

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Mark A.M. Kramer
12:57am 9 December 2009

Fabulous!  I need to catch up on this once I am refreshed!

Richard Sprod
5:03am 10 December 2009

Great presentation!  Thanks James - it's good to meet someone with such a clear learner centred view of the world.  But having Twitter run during the presentation?  Sure it might be a new way of 'doing' power point but is it also disruptive?

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