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Maldivian presentation

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Martin Weller
9 December 2009

The presentation from the Maldivian partners at the Edushare meeting

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Martin Weller
7:36am 9 December 2009

Maldives college of higher education has 7 faculties, 3 outreach campuses & 5700 students. Presentation from Faculty of Education. Stresses need for open and distance education - there are over 200 inhabited islands and difficult for many to come to Male. Teacher education in particular is important.

Geographical context of Maldives - spread out across 20 atolls, only 1% of their area is land.

There are centres in each atoll, but these are not staffed - the local teaching staff coordinate their use.

Edushare workshops:

  • OU - gained insight into use of OER
  • UHI - two other delegates got hands on experience of using technology
  • Cambodia - shared experience on use of OERs
  • Maldives - 25 participants from Maldives.

Course development: Decentralisation and sustainable development & Tsunami and its impact on sustainable development

Decentralisation is a big political topic in the Maldives and has recently seen a change in government on a decentralisation agenda. The tsunami was only two years previous when they commenced and some inhabitants have only just moved back in.

Cascading events: six of these which covered technologies such as finding creative commons materials, hot potatoes, etc

Benefits of project:

  • International exposure
  • Sharing experience with countries with similar situations
  • Awareness of OERs - there has been low acceptance locally (may be cultural issue about scepticism of 'free' things), so project acted as legitimisation of these
  • More acceptance of distance learning
  • Private sector engagement

Secondary impact of project, has come about as result of raising awareness:

  • Adoption and roll out of Moodle
  • Created Dhivehi (local language) version of Moodle
  • Mobile revision tool - mobile penetration is high (twice as many mobile connections as population). Tool allows SMS queries to database.
  • Developed offline version of Moodle, as connectivity can be expensive and also not in home

Further plans:

  • Mobile version of Moodle
  • SMS notification of moodle messages
  • Mobile audio
  • iRadio


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