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Nepalese presentation

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Martin Weller
9 December 2009

The presentation from the Nepalese partners to the Edushare meeting.

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Martin Weller
8:55am 9 December 2009

Presentation from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Central dept. of Rural Development started in 2001.

Developed course in Rural Development - taught in 11 different centres. Many students are working so can't attend lectures, and getting to centres can be difficult.

A distributed education policy has been established with the aim of creating an open university within 3 years, and also to encourage flexible/blended learning in established universities.

42 people attended the workshop in Nepal.

Have written 4 academic papers as a result of project.

Produced two documentary videos.

Impact of project:

  • Project provided opportunity to get different faculty members together
  • Development of rural development material
  • Raised awareness of elearning

Watched videos on biogas production, which is being promoted as alternative energy source in Nepal and tourism.


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