Q5: Web 2.0 tools for building 'pedagogical wraparounds' in OERs?

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Giota Alevizou
9 December 2009

A culture of sharing and building more context around OERs were among the key and core tasks that are perceived as critical to meeting the needs of students, according to forty leaders in open education and technology who met in Barcelona on October 19-20, 2009, at the Open EdTech Summit sponsored by the Open University of Catalunya and the New Media Consortium.

Creating the university of the future was the title of the summit and the question is how and whether Open Educational Resources (OERs) are also examples of creative use of Web 2.0 in a higher education context.

This Call to Action summarizes the major findings of the 2009 Open EdTech Summit; Of those, point 5 is of particular interest:

Content producers and users alike must embrace strategies (reflective blogging, metadata, documentation of process, visualization of learning, etc.) for linking content generation to "pedagogical wraparounds" that embed context within effective learning practices. Such strategies would ensure that the focus remains on learning objectives and process, rather than on the technology used to deliver the learning materials.

  • What tools, platforms and environments are available and have been a success thus far in this respect?
  • What are the barriers for embedding such context?
  • technical literacies, time commitments?
  • what are the ways to inter-connect pedagogies around OER use?

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