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Ebooks: 'Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training'

Free ebook on advances, research and applications of mobile learning

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Antonella Esposito
9 December 2009

The collective book is edited by Mohamed Ally, published by Athabasca University Press and licensed with a Creative Commons License.  The whole ebook or specific chapters are downloadable here.



PART ONE: Advances in Mobile Learning

Chapter 1
Current State of Mobile Learning
John Traxler

Chapter 2
A Model for Framing Mobile Learning
Marguerite L. Koole

PART TWO: Research on Mobile Learning

Chapter 3
Mobile Distance Learning with PDAs: Development and Testing of Pedagogical and System
Solutions Supporting Mobile Distance Learners
Torstein Rekkedal and Aleksander Dye

Chapter 4
Using Mobile Learning to Enhance the Quality of Nursing Practice Education
Richard F. Kenny, Caroline Park, Jocelyne M. C. Van Neste-Kenny, Pamela A. Burton, and Jan Meiers

Chapter 5
Informal Learning Evidence in Online Communities of Mobile Device Enthusiasts
Gill Clough, Ann C. Jones, Patrick McAndrew, and Eileen Scanlon

Chapter 6
M-learning: Positioning Educators for a Mobile, Connected Future
Kristine Peters

PART THREE: Applications of Mobile Learning

Chapter 7
Practitioners as Innovators: Emergent Practice in Personal Mobile Teaching, Learning, Work, and Leisure
Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and John Pettit

Chapter 8
Design and Development of Multimedia Learning Objects for Mobile Phones
Claire Bradley, Richard Haynes, John Cook, Tom Boyle, and Carl Smith

Chapter 9
From E-learning to Mobile Learning: New Opportunities
Michelle Pieri and Davide Diamantini

Chapter 10
MobilED – Mobile Tools and Services Platform for Formal and Informal Learning
Merryl Ford and Teemu Leinonen

Chapter 11
Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of M-learning within an International Distance
Education Programme
Jon Gregson and Dolf Jordaan

Chapter 12
Using Mobile Technologies for Multimedia Tours in a Traditional Museum Setting
Laura Naismith and M. Paul Smith

Chapter 13
Use of Mobile Technology for Teacher Training
Jocelyn Wishart

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