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Self and peer assessment in a team

Help students develop team skills with an authentic project in which they contract with each other and perform regular self and peer assessment.

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29 July 2008

Collaborative learning entails students taking responsibility for assessment of their own learning processes. In this course, which aims to give students teamwork experience relevant to their future employment, self and peer assessment is formalised into a regular weekly structure. Here, the student teams are developing a multimedia product and associated documentation, and the team roles typically include project manager, instructional designer, graphic designer, programmer. However, the principles are widely applicable. Each team negotiates the exact responsibilities of each member (their deliverables, hours of work, expected quality) and signs a contract to record their agreement. Every week during development, each student completes an online form, rating themselves and the other members of their team for success, quality and time management. The tutor uses this information to moderate the marks for individual students. For details of the self and peer assessment tool, follow the link and click the Cross-links tab on the case study page. [Joe Luca]

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