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Electronic Village Online Sessions 2010

6-week FREE online teacher professional development sessions

Cloud created by:

Aiden Yeh
10 December 2009


 For six weeks , participants can engage with ESOL experts in collaborative, online discussion sessions or hands-on virtual workshops of professional and scholarly benefit. These sessions will bring together participants for a longer period of time than is permitted by the four-day land-based TESOL convention and will allow a fuller development of ideas and themes of the convention or of professional interest in general.

 The sessions are free and open to all interested parties. You do not need to be a TESOL member to participate

 Visit this page for more information:

Check out the sessions we're offering for 2010, and let us know what you think of them:

Aiden Yeh

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Mbarek Akaddar
1:22pm 10 December 2009 (Edited 8:39am 11 December 2009)

Hi Aiden ,

Great idea to start the EVO 2010 cloud . Clouding  is to be added to waving , twittering , flickering ...:) Sounds interesting with lots of potentailities for ELT professionals 


Dafne Gonzalez
1:57pm 10 December 2009

Thanks for starting the EVO 2010 cloud, Aiden :-)



Dafne Gonzalez
3:00pm 10 December 2009

I have created a cloud for BaW :-)


Vance Stevens
3:48am 11 December 2009

As the Multiliteracies moderator I am looking with interest on the changing shapes of clouds and wondering which will gain traction and carry us forward into the future.  In MLIT we were thinking our Big Innovation this year would be Wave (last year it was Ning).  But Wave is a bit complicated with the invitation hassle (at the moment).  This one is quite simple.  Unlike either of the other two, you don't have to be a member of the group to converse.  You simply have to have a Cloudworks ID and you can say what you like anywhere.  Or can you restrict participants in clouds?  Or would you want to??

2:03am 12 December 2009

Hello, Webheads:

I think this "clouding" tool is very interesting. Mbarek says we can Twitter, wave or flicker it... but how?

Hugs from Argentina, Nelba

Vance Stevens
10:01am 12 December 2009

I just added to the EVO cloudscape

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
3:36am 19 December 2009


I think you need moderator privileges to add tags for Twitter, et al. You can make suggestions here for Nelba.

If you look at our Cloudscape, all messages from related Clouds are listed there.



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