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F.Friday - OLnet pilot virtual workshop final comments and closure

Feedback on the OLnet pilot virtual workshop

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Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos
11 December 2009

Please post in this cloud any comments you may have about the OLnet pilot virtual workshop.

Many thanks for all contributors and participants, we learned a lot from the experience!


Contact details: Andreia Santos -

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Karen's Reflections on OLnet Pilot Virtual Workshop 7-11 December 

Live activities - things I'd like to remember if I am involved in organising this kind of thing (just to be clear I am not suggesting these things weren't done this time I am contributing by summarising points that have been made and creating a check list for future use)

  • Publicise timetable of live activities well in advance so people can put in diaries
  • Reminders on various platforms (automatic email linked to updates in other places would be good - is there a mashup that would allow for Tweet, email, blog post, cloudworks post in one operation?)
  • Stick to advertised start and stop time
  • need to be sure technology is going to work - and have a fall back plan if it doesn't
  • With programme and notifications of sessions include 'rules and tips' eg:
    • remind the session will be recorded from the start on all broadcast video and text
    • by broadcasting/writing text agreeing to make what say public (under what CC licence?)
    • Suggest don't do hello bits but instead at beginning each person introduces themselves and says where they are from or something like that (a) to test their equipment and connection (b) for the record of anyone playing back later (c) like any face to face meeting where people perhaps do not know everyone
    • Signpost to a practice test place
    • Suggest set up in advance by 10 mins in a quiet room
    • Let people know what you are doing so they don’t interrupt
    • Tell that can also do text as well as video and sound (and how) - try not to put the speaker off or bombard with questions while they are speaking
    • (In FM - suggest people put their full names when they sign in so that this shows for the record in the text).
  • Two people in 'moderator/organiser' role probably good if can get that - one to be the front person and welcome and introduce, other to fix things in background if required
  • Try to get any slides/visuals online in advance - find way of showing at same time (can do this in Elluminate?  but not in Flash Meeting)
  • When welcome everyone at start repeat some of things from 'rules and tips' above (like equivalent of where the fire exits and toilets are when in a face to face workshop)
  • At end let people know where they can find the recorded version and any follow up actions - and thank main leader/speaker

Thoughts about asynchronous text-base interaction

  • Too many places to do things makes it difficult to keep track of and easy to miss - it is best to keep it simple with as few places as possible
  • Andy's point about being able to tell if you have already read something is quite a big one for lot of forum type discussion - or know what is new - not sure how we can address this with the tools we have but maybe there are other tools - the actual interaction is no different as far as I can see than the discussion Forum in FirstClass that there has been for most of the OU courses I have already done - are we reinventing the wheel unnecessarily here?
  • I think it would be better not to add on new things to for this type of activity - better to use to signpost to the event and use other existing tools and platforms

General points

  • Does a fee create more of a buy-in and greater participation? Maybe. Pros and cons in relation to administration.
  • Are there other environments we can try - anyone heard of/tried
  • Do we need to make Elluminate work for us? Do some more controlled trials/training?
  • Anyone recording podcast or taking part in video live events - I recommend trying the sound-proofed podcast room in JLB lab - I thought it was the best of the spaces that I used this week.
  • I found that I remembered more from the FM session on Thursday with Philipp than I did from the session on Tuesday by Murilo and I do not think it was to do with the people who were speaking or the topics, more to do with my experience and environment.  The first session I was still quite anxious because of being new to the technology and I had too many things going on around me, which distracted my attention.  Whereas for Philipp's talk I was more comfortable with what I was doing and in a sound-proof distraction-free box. But the good thing about having it recorded is I can go back and listen again.
  • I think the pilot worked very well, and achieved what we set out to do. Andreia did a brilliant job in setting it all up.  Also thank you to all of the speakers and contributors. Your input has been very much appreciated and has enriched the experience.

Karen Cropper
15:47 on 11 December 2009 (Edited 15:51 on 11 December 2009)

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Giota Alevizou
6:01pm 11 December 2009 (Edited 6:02pm 11 December 2009)

Great reflections and summary of some key points Karen!

Just another couple of points from our closing discussion in Flash meeting (Andreia, Karen, Andy, Giota) on the technical-social side:

  • need for further experimentation with tools for setting groups and collaborative activities/tasks
  • further exploration of Cohere for connecting existing research and learning networks within OER
  • develop mini-training sessions to faciliate participant familiarity with tools prior to activites 


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