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MoRSE (Mobilising Remote Student Engagement)

JISC funded project led by Kingston University and De Montfort University

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Rebecca Galley
14 December 2009

The JISC funded Mobilising Remote Student Engagement (MoRSE) project aims to develop a situated understanding of the impact of mobile and personal technologies on student practice beyond the institution (industrial placements and fieldtrips), and on institutional processes. 

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Rebecca Galley
4:24pm 14 December 2009

Just had a mail from JISC about  virtual session being held on the 6th Jan 2010 1.30 - 2.45. Tim Linsey and Richard Hall will share findings from the project including:
- Institutional and 3rd party Apps - maintaining a connection with the institution and;
- Personal technologies - migrating from social tasks to learning tasks

To register, go to

Fleur Corfield
10:57am 11 March 2010

The virtual event was very interesting and would like to show to others at the university here, is there a link to the recording I could use?

Rebecca Galley
11:49am 11 March 2010

Hi Fleur - I've added a link to the recorded session (I hope... seemed to work for me!) 

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