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Learning Technologies 2010

Trade show for learning technology and post-compulsory education

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Will Pollard
15 December 2009

If you think there is a "dark side" to mode 2 knowledge, this could be one to avoid.

But there will be presentations from people working in companies and organisations.

After ten years there are some convincing case studies.

Stephen Heppell will be one of the keynote speakers, following his playful adventures at BETT.

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Mobiles Debate

Mobiles Debate

added by Will Pollard

Games for learning from Caspian

Games for learning from Caspian

added by Will Pollard


Will Pollard
4:21pm 25 January 2010

I am interested in research from organisations connected with this event (Wed Thur) including ones that are not there. Last year LSIS were at BETT but this event would be more suitable I think. Towards Maturity have a stand. They offer a model of how a mature e-learning organisation would behave. I am not aware how this links to academic research.

LSIS combines previous organisations working on quality and leadership/learning. I don't know how much research supports this connection or where to find it. Some from Excellence in Leadership is still available from Lancaster but I don't know how Networked Learning fits into practice. 

This show is for commercial training departments but i think academics could relate to some of it. I hope to do some background for a future story for OhmyNews.

Will Pollard
12:20pm 28 January 2010 (Edited 12:22pm 28 January 2010)

I have added links for EPIC and Towards Maturity page for the show. More from yesterday later. Show continues today and the research from Towards Maturity is not yet available for download.

On day one I found a lot of energy but not much research backup as in universities. Not sure what the cred is for Towards Maturity.  I find it very interesting but it is based on surveys of people working on the topics concerned.  The model is a bit vague too, no clear idea of management or direction. But then the surveys seem to show that management is not fully informed even when the projects work out well. This is just my memory from yesterday slides. There will be a full report to download later.

The EPIC White Papers have academic references. You need to register. I have started on mobile learning, given away on a USB stick.

Downstairs the new show on Skills included some stands about leadership, development etc. Still not sure what the new show is about. Several stands might have been upstairs if there was space. But busines schools could have been there I think with their take on leadership.

Maybe forget about previous models for a while and just take in the new information.

Will Pollard
11:05am 29 January 2010

Antonella, thanks for links to Steve Wheeler. Good to have an idea of the main conference. I only went to one day of the show. Yes there were a lot of Content Management Systems. Not sure all of education has left this behind though. I think there are still useful comparisons with skills and training.

Will Pollard
11:19am 30 January 2010 (Edited 11:20am 30 January 2010)

Link added to Twitter quaestion. Why few speakers from the OU?  I say few rather than none as there may have been one or two as well as Lord Puttnam

Is this just a show for companies or should academics be there?

Antonella Esposito
6:22pm 30 January 2010 (Edited 6:27pm 30 January 2010)

Thanks you for setting this cloud and providing a first-hand account from the conference. Unfortunately I couldn't draw so much info from the Twitter stream as in other conferences followed at a distance.

I have just added another blog post on LTUK2010, reported on Twitter by Jane Hart (@c4lpt).

Will Pollard
4:41pm 7 February 2010

Have added a link to a draft story for OhmyNews

Comments welcome. Probably final version middle of the week

Will Pollard
6:54pm 10 November 2010

Have done a blog post about Learning Technologies 2011 and other parts of the Winterlude.

The events seem to be merging together as the online aspect gets stronger. Online it is January already or so it seems. As well as December.

Will Pollard
11:56am 23 December 2010

Have added a link to original of article in promo mag for Learning Technology and Skills. Donald H Taylor is Chair of the conference. He says that something has already happened with technology. Now personalised, individually driven. I welcome this sort of view, rather than speculating about what might happen sometime in the future. But what is it that has already happened? The detail in the text is not that clear.

Will Pollard
3:37pm 25 January 2011

Have added a link to my blog

This is worth a visit if you are near Olympia Wed or Thur

Lots of Flash, not much text, my guess.

Will Pollard
2:14pm 5 October 2011

The Winterlude is starting early this year. Usually Towards Maturity release reports at the Learning Technologies show in January. But a report about online learning is released today-

One thing I noticed was that virtual worlds are stalled because of bandwidth issues etc. These kind of surveys depend on a self selected group of people but the base seems to be growing. How do educational organisations compare?


Will Pollard
10:01am 23 January 2012

I have done a couple of blog posts

briefly, the Towards Maturity project is reaching a high enough level to interest academics, as far as I can tell. Olympia worth a visit if only through Twitter. #LT12uk

Adobe seem to be more PDF than Flash with added interest in video conference through mobile devices. This tech stuff has an influence on learning at some point in time.

Will Pollard
12:53pm 24 January 2012

Another blog about the Cloud. I think there are several shows at Olympia linked together. So the fairly technical one about Clouds may be explained somewhere else. Report later in the week, no Tweets tomorrow too busy...

New book re the Cloud describes the "dark side".  So there is a mix in which the trade show may contribute.


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