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Horizon Report 2010 (Preview and full Report)

Predictions about the adoption of technologies in higher education

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Antonella Esposito
16 December 2009

The New Media Consortium released in January the full Horizon Report 2010

This cloud was set up taking cue from the Horizon Report 2010 Preview, released last November.

Editable version of the Horizon Report 2010 here.


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Will Pollard
12:43pm 16 December 2009

Two to three years seems a long time to wait for e-books. Seems almost here from press reports on New York publishing discussions.  Stephen Covay has done a rights deal for Amazon and upset Simon and Shuster. Events like this speed things up. Catastrophe gets management attention better than technology surveys.

Antonella Esposito
2:27pm 16 December 2009 (Edited 2:27pm 16 December 2009)

I could ideally agree with you, but just this morning I read a news in Inside HigherEd that seems to hold back the spread of ebook: 'Some publishers have decided to delay the release of e-books until four months following the hardcover release'.

The writer underlines that 'After four months our interest in reading your book, in any format, will be basically dead' and concludes 'Any effort to restrict e-books (and audiobooks) is also your fastest route to kill off the next generation of readers'.

To what extent will the fear of innovation influence the development of new forms of publishing?

Gráinne Conole
6:30am 22 December 2009

I think the issue with e-books is partly the hardward - its not clear who is going to be the winner and partly the costing models alot of e-book publishers have. Also I have to say I am not include to rush out and buy yet another piece of hardware when my laptop + iPhone cover  everything I need. I am using Stanza on the iPhone and have downloaded a whole lot of books.

Gráinne Conole
6:34am 22 December 2009

Also what is likely to be the impact of projects like Gutenberg which are making e-books freelly available and doesn't Google have an ambitous project to make ALL books digitised? Can't find the link but am sure I heard something about that recently.

Antonella Esposito
10:31am 22 December 2009 (Edited 11:12am 22 December 2009)

Additional stuff to rethink tech adoption in current years and look forward, in these pre-Christmas days. If Terry Anderson invites to review Horizons Report predictions, Steve Wheleer proposes a personal review of technologies in the last decade in three posts: 2000-2002, 2003-05 and 2006-09.

Moreover, a comment about Horizons Report 2010 Preview from a librarian (blog of Georgia Library Media Association).

Will Pollard
1:13pm 23 December 2009

I think the delay in e-pub publication could be a sign of strength. Amazon are promoting a price levelway below hardbacks and thisis starting to worry New York publishers. There was a time you waited years for the paperback so much will depend on the strength or each text.

Yes, Stanza and other phone software is used in larger numbers than specific bits of hardware. Also Kindle as an apphas been launched. What about eyesight? The Sony claim is that no backlighting means no strain on the eyes. The counter argument is that a phone needs no extra lighting so won't annoy someone else trying toget to sleep.

I think BETT willbe an interesting hardware show,covering most options and with phones in background. 

Will Pollard
11:54am 6 January 2010

I have added a YouTube link for a quick review from the Consumer Electronics event. Expect more on eBooks. I think things will speed up. Buzz sometimes feeds back to technology in ways not predicted as part of a report. Meanwhile in the UK Waterstones has an Elonex option with fewer features but getting closer to £100. If an e-book is £10 cheaper than a hardback this begins to make more sense



Antonella Esposito
10:05am 16 January 2010

George Siemens commented in his blog the research process adopted in the Horizon Report 2010 and states that "conversational approach that NMC has adopted is among the most effective I’ve come across for identifying trends and future directions". However he suggests to improve the open approach of the study and to harness instruments such as the social media monitoring tools.

As replied Alan Levine, the current project already embeds 'openness' to a certain extent, through a call for contribution related to examples and publications. Indeed, so far there was a quite low rate of participation.

Certainly an increasing participation of a wider audience (and also of national representatives in the advisory board) would help to depict a more nuanced snapshot of the technological trends and gaps in HE aiming to be undertatken at a global level.

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