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IPEX - Print Show in May

Large show with pre-media that could connect to Web

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Will Pollard
18 December 2009

Print event held every four years. In 2010 the role of print in a wider context of communication will be intensely debated.

Added to the Winterlude cloudscape as the issues are already debated. Education has been  closely connected with books and print.

The London College of Communication is expected to have a stand or at least some sort of base. Exactly where is not known yet.

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Open University buys kit from Oce at IPEX

Open University buys kit from Oce at IPEX

added by Will Pollard


Will Pollard
3:08pm 12 April 2010

I have added a link for the Adobe launch of Creative Suite 5. Very disruptive for the print industry, as it appears. Nothing new on PDF or Postscript. No release of Acrobat at this time. Has all publishing moved online and/or into video? What to think? Still no news on an Adobe stand at IPEX but there will be some comment. 

Will Pollard
9:56am 26 April 2010

I have added a link to a PDF poster on the cloud for Languages and Social Exclusion-

Thing is, the original is a TIFF, 140 megs. The PDF is only three. So IPEX could be worth  avisit just to speed up print. 

Will Pollard
1:34pm 13 May 2010

IPEX starts next week. The blog from 2002 has often been about Adobe. They seem not very interested in IPEX so far but this could be significant. More speculation later in blog.

Will Pollard
11:11am 24 May 2010

I have added a YouTube link to Oce TV. Yes, this is a trade show.

Apparently the personalisation will be used mostly for admin. Is there any theory on how personalisation works in hard copy for learning and content? 

Will Pollard
5:09pm 4 October 2010

I have added a link to my blog about Graph Expo in Chicago. I am still in the UK but follow this online. Graph Expo is a smaller show than IPEX or drupa but is held annually. This could be a significant break with litho. There is no Heidelberg or Komori stand. I expect a lot of video to appear during this week online. Kodak will promote through social media.

If this impression is confirmed then it could relate to forms of academic publishing. Print culture relies to some extent on trade shows as ritual events. Send in the anthropologists while there is still time.

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