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A mock professional journal

Organise a course like a journal, with articles and tutorials from teachers, and editorials and work-in-progress from students.

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The Cloudworks Team
29 July 2008

Many professional disciplines, such as engineering, architecture and design, require students both to understand theory and to apply it through technical skills in practical situations. To help students make the link, this course adopts the metaphor of a professional journal: issued online fortnightly, ie six issues over the semester.

Each issue is devoted to one theoretical topic. As well as articles and an online tutorial in technical skills, it contains an editorial page – to which students contribute reflective submissions on the topical question posed – and a case study page – to which students contribute notes on their ongoing work for their own case study projects. The editorial and case study contributions count towards the students’ continuous assessment. [Sam Bucolo, Halima Goss, Inge Matt]

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Afsaneh Sharif
5:38pm 19 October 2009

Seems to be an interesting course! I like the way that students are engaged and involved in bringing new content and resources to the course. Do students reflect only on the topical questions posed or do they pose questions to each other?

Ailec Granda Dihigo
9:34am 12 November 2009

I join the question asked in the previous comment, I think, ideally, between the students themselves can raise their own doubts.

Gráinne Conole
9:38am 12 November 2009

Yes it's a nice concept this one, would like to hear more about what the students thought of it.

Floyd Brown
2:44am 5 October 2013

Its a perfect and an ideal concept to help students improve their learning and know further about the topics in a much broader sense. - London Piano Institute

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