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Academic Writing for the New 3rd Level Student

This Cloud has been created to provide an accessible and extendable resource for learners new to Academic Writing

Cloud created by:

Malachy Mathews
8 January 2010

The aim of this resource is to provide a central location for existing work on academic writing. Resources in this area of learning will include links to literature, links to college guides, and links to content with interactive learning pieces.  This will be a live resource for academic staff and we hope you will contribute by adding links of your own and make use of the disscusion board for comment and feedback.

This Cloud has been generated by Malachy Mathews, Niav McEvoy, Robert Murphy and Pat Kenny as part of our Instructional Design and eAuthoring module for a Msc in eLearning from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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Extra content

We have created an interactive "Introduction to Academic Writing" website

Here you will meet your guide Daniel who will talk you through this exercise.

Malachy Mathews
14:16 on 8 January 2010 (Edited 09:41 on 18 January 2010)

This provides a link to the University of East Anglia, where they host a quiz: 

Are you at risk of Plagiarism ?

Malachy Mathews
12:59 on 16 February 2010

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Raymond Watson
6:51pm 12 January 2010

Hi all,

A very good resource.

I loved the avatar (although he was a tad small in the last screen), the content was excellent and the referencing quiz was very instructive.

A few comments:

More pictures on the slides to break up the content a bit

Maybe too much content on some slides

Need for  a voice over to accommodate multi modal learning.

Overall though, a valuable resource. Will there be access later for students wanting to step up to third level?


9:53am 14 January 2010

Hi All,

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to access academic writing site on the link above. I have tried a number of times (5) from 2 separate locations and I am getting a message to tell me the link appears to be broken. I have tried been logged out or in.

Sounds like a really interesting resource and would love to see it, am I doing something wrong??

Many Thanks,


Malachy Mathews
10:25am 14 January 2010


The webserver hosting is temporarily down. Its hoped to be up again later today.


Malachy Mathews
9:06am 15 January 2010


Webhost problems over site is back working


Malachy Mathews
1:01pm 16 February 2010

New Website hosting Academic Writing

Ryan M Guy
7:59am 16 November 2013

For the most part it seems that the tips in this video are fairly standard.  I wonder how academic writing will evolve in the future.  In my field ethnographers and auto ethnographers have pushed the boundaries of that is considered academic. As educators, is it the specifics of how ideas are presented that we value, or the quality of the ideas overall.

Just a few thoughts.  Nice resource overall.

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