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Rebecca Galley
20 January 2010

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The Learn About Mobile stand will be manned by:

  • Agnes Kukulska-Hulme from the Institute of Educational Technology who brings a wealth of experience in formal and informal learning applications of mobile technology
  • Gill Clough also from the Institute of Educational Technology who has researched informal uses of mobile technology, with a focus on location awareness.
  • Keren Mills from the OU Library and doyenne of the Digilab who has recently worked with Cambridge University in exploring how mobile technology can provide effective access to library resources.
  • Rhodri Thomas from the Strategy Office in the Learning Innovation Unit  who is involved in innovative learning, mobile technologies, collaboration, reporting/VLE stats

Come and have a chat with us. Together we hope to be able to answer your questions about the role of mobile technology in teaching and learning from a variety of perspectives - formal and informal learning, ubiquitous technologies, novel applications of location awareness. Bring your mobiles along with you and we'll try to introduce you to some new and innovative mobile activities. Here are a few to think about.

Location: Open streemaps, iSpot, Google mashups with GPS photos or tracks, QR codes, Augmented realities

Learning: L120 audio eassessment, Motil, iKnow, Podcasts, iTunes U

Gill Clough
15:35 on 28 January 2010 (Edited 16:45 on 29 January 2010)

Juliette Culver
11:39 on 11 February 2010

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