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Rebecca Galley
20 January 2010

The Cloudworks stall will be manned alternately by Rebecca Galley, Juliette Culver, Nick Freear and Grainne Conole. Please do come to speak to us about the site and your thoughts and ideas relating to it.

We have set up 3 'flash debates' which you will be able to contribute to throughout the day:

And Grainne Conole will be presenting on Cloudworks at 12pm in Meeting Room 1 (ground floor), Jennie Lee Building at part of the Learn About Fair 2010.

Finally, give us your feedback -  What 3 words would you associate with Cloudworks?

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What is Cloudworks? Cloudworks is a social networking site for finding, sharing and discussing learning and teaching ideas and designs.

Core concepts. There are three key concepts associated with Cloudworks - the notion of 'Clouds', 'Cloudscapes' and ‘Cloudstreams'

Clouds. A Cloud can be anything to do with learning and teaching. A Cloud could be: a short description of a learning and teaching idea, information about resources or tools for learning and teaching, detailed learning designs or case studies of practice, or a question for example “Have you any good examples of using mindmapping in teaching?” Each Cloud is 'social' in that it is possible to have a conversation around the Cloud and it is possible for you or anyone else to add relevant links, embedded content (like a video) or an academic reference. There is an example of a Cloud here.

Cloudscapes. Clouds can be collected together into bundles or 'Cloudscapes' associated with a particular event, purpose or interest. For example you can have a Cloudscape associated with a conference, pulling together Clouds relating to papers, workshops or conference themes. A Cloudscape can be set up for a workshop or event where Clouds might include workshop resources, tools or activities. Cloudscapes can also be more general for example to stimulate debate about a particular teaching approach. A Cloud can be associated with any number of different Cloudscapes.

Rebecca Galley
10:39 on 28 January 2010 (Edited 09:28 on 10 February 2010)

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Learning about Cloudworks presentation

Learning about Cloudworks presentation

added by Gráinne Conole


Gráinne Conole
9:55am 10 February 2010

Looking forward to demo-ing Cloudworks today at the Learn about fair and in particular showing some of the new features (link added about these) - including ability to see events and deadlines, creat sections in cloudscapes and tag users.

Also looking forward to chatting to people at the OU today about Cloudworks and exploring how we can use it to best effect within the OU!

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