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Digital Photography (T189)

Open University course

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Rebecca Galley
20 January 2010

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I took T189 and loved the course, so hope the course team don't mind if I add something about it here about it.

The course revolved around the OpenStudio software. This software had a tab for each of the ten weeks of the course. Each week you were allocated to a different group with about a dozen other students and had ten slots to upload photos for that week. You could see the photos uploaded by your group that week and could comment and favourite eachother's photos. There was also a place where you could see everybody's photos for that week, not just your group. You got allocated to a group for a week when you uploaded your first photos for a week, so you always ended up in a group with folk who had actually uploaded photos and were at approximately the same place in the course as you (you could access all the weeks of the course throughout the whole course).

As well as this there was an unofficial Flickr group for the presentation of the group that I took. This is interesting as it's still very active even though it's now quite a while since the course has finished.

The other interesting element from an educational technology perspective was the 'virtual camera' - this was either a java applet or flash app (can't remember which) that looked like a camera on which you could change various settings and see the effect that changing the settings would have on various photos.


Juliette Culver
14:28 on 17 February 2010

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