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This is a metaphor for teamwork in large design teams. You diverge in small teams and converge back to a large team.

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nicole schadewitz
26 January 2010

Design teamwork in large teams (from 6 up). Breathing teamwork can occur in any design phase, such as in exploration, concept and implementation phases.

How do you generate a variety but also depth of ideas in a large design team?

Forces (Requirements):
In large design teams it is difficult for everyone to speak up and tell their idea or story in detail. You might get a variety of ideas i.e. through brainstorming, but then no in-depth discussion occurs. Either a few people dominate the discussion or small groups form naturally and different topics are discussed in parallel, but there is no strategy how to capture the results of the discussions.

Allow the design team to split up in smaller groups to diverge design thinking in different directions. After a while, the team gathers together to discuss similarities in the idea exploration to converge the ideas to a few good one that repeat and seem to resonate with the team.


Diverge in small teams - Converge back to large team

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