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OULDI - Staff Engagement and Support

Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop

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Rebecca Galley
29 January 2010

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Rebecca Galley
3:36pm 29 January 2010 (Edited 3:50pm 29 January 2010)

At the workshop post-it notes were added to the posters and these structured the ensuing discussion. Messages left on this poster were as follows:

  1. Concern about potential conflict with faculty course models/ design strategy.
  2. Potential for business considerations to be down played
  3. Big question - will staff engage? Especially with so many pressures on time etc. Will they think it is just too difficult or too challenging?
  4. Option 4 although it looks complex seems to be the 'best' because it integrates training/staff dev. in a more 'holistic' way with other course production and presentation business processes which is essential.
  5. Do the virtual workshops work well for this sort of activity? They need to if it is to scale.
  6. Where is the 'win' for - individual staff - course teams - the OU. Can we promote this?
  7. How should we use LD tools to design OU institutional learning about LD? (& if we shouldn't, why not, & what's that say about their realm of applicalility.
  8. Leading to co-construction of proposals
  9. Are the tools the key aspect, or the processes? We have existing (informal and often ineffective) processes & mindsets, & if you're changing you need to know where you're coming from as well as going to.

Gráinne Conole
4:04pm 29 January 2010

Feedback from plenary discussion:

  • Paul Mundin has looked at the processes and begun to look at where the tools might be useful. Rebecca Galley has been going out and seeing if the tools are useful and from that we have developed 4 types of interventions that can be used by course teams.
  • We need to respond to course team needs and tailor the pick and mix toolbox – they can choose which are useful for them. We are trying to add value to what they are doing in a more useful and productive way.
  • Four ways of engagign staff have emerged from OUDLI  work to date – independent, community-based peer support, tailored events, side by side mentoring.
  • We are expecting that different course teams will take different routes through these options. They might start with a launch event, then independently work on their own and play around, might seek some side by side support and then get wider feedback. We have been trialling the approaches in different settings including externally. Also interested in using this in some FE colleges.
  • Will this really engage staff, will they use it or think this is another box to tick – must be a process of co-creation.

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