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OULDI - Compendium LD

Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop

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Rebecca Galley
29 January 2010

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Activity design: Cards: Twitter - tool, tweet - artefact, experiential - method Activity prep: identify recent tweet that has been useful, decision to follow 'tweeter', found other professionally interesting people in this person's network. Intro: short browsing activity, exploring twitter. Short 3 minute online tutorial, voluntary. Task. Over the coming 4 weeks set up a twitter account, find people who are interesting to follow from a professional perspective. Aim: find out if you can build up a mini professional network via twitter. How many people did you find worth following? Who followed you? Why? How much time did you 'waste' following leads which did not prove useful? Evaluation session: short summaries of experience with 'Supporting or building a professional network using twitter' (the above entry is the result of an ad hoc 5 minute activity design session)

Irmgard Huppe
15:51 on 1 March 2011 (Edited 19:55 on 1 March 2011)

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CompendiumLD poster

CompendiumLD poster

added by Rebecca Galley


Rebecca Galley
3:17pm 29 January 2010

At the workshop post-it notes were added to the posters and these structured the ensuing discussion. Messages left on this poster were as follows:

  1. ? Any link in with student and academic worksloads. Either general for particular tasks or set by designer.
  2. Easier output options & formats would help with sharing designs
  3. Would it be worthwhile relating this to the production process (academic workloads, LTS production).? Understand times involved if quick turnaround required.
  4. Will this work for small chunks of learning as well as for whole courses?
  5. Potential for integrating tutorial events (in whatever medium) into overall design framework - making them more integral?
  6. Need to tie evidence of teh  design's effectiveness into the templates.
  7. Compendium 2.0 enables teamworking on a map over the net.
  8. Could this be used to develop generic activity templates for re-use?
  9. Generate Moodle course template from a design?
  10. Is there potential for a neat link to Cloudworks?
  11. This technology allows for quite complex design of a course. Is this going to translate into something that is 'bitty' for the student?
  12. Sharing designs sounds useful but is there evidence that it can/does happen?


Gráinne Conole
4:08pm 29 January 2010

Feedback from plenary discussion:

  • A lot of interest in CompendiumLD as a tool. Issue was raised about is there any evidence of sharing of designs? Share and communicate the ideas behind of a design was one of the important original aims. This is partly what Pedagogical Patterns work is about. We have found that a CompendiumLD can summarise and communicate ideas more briefly and clearly.
  • Big issue is the support for take up. Looks good but it’s a bit frightening – we used when we had our hands held but after that didn’t continue, need the support. We hope that the kinds of things we are planning in terms of how as a team we can support you.
  • Generation of data and the use of these representations for sharing statistical information – could we use the activity maps to map not just time spent but also to envision the time spent in the production process.
  • Completing the circle using the webs to see end of course surveys. We have had some initial discussion with Alison Ashby’s team about this but early stages at the moment. Have looked at development testing and mapping on quantitative and qualitative data onto.

Chris Kirkland
9:53pm 8 July 2010

I have started using Compendium and produced a map during a meeting session where current issues affecting the end of this academic year and the start of the next were being identified in a "brain storming" style session and then solutions being identified. I was able to keep an overview of the issues and solutions and then share this afterwards. I have only been using Compendium for about a week so a bit rough and ready but still useful. I am also findiing it useful in gathering ideas and information for prducing a new unit of work for next year. I would recommend downloading this software and working through the starter tutorials to see if it could work for you. I like using images and spatial organisation with likns between ideas and information.

Rebecca Galley
8:04am 9 July 2010

Hi Chris, thanks for this. Can I ask, are you using the original version Compendium or CompendiumLD (the one with the learning design functions?

Chris Kirkland
9:15am 10 July 2010

I have started off with the original Compendium, version 1.5.2 but after reading around Cloudscape and the OpenLearn websites I have now downloaded the CompendiumLD version and will try it out on a unit of work I need to prepare for September.

Rebecca Galley
1:16pm 11 July 2010

Great :-) Let us know how you get on!


Rebecca Galley
1:09pm 8 April 2011

Hi Chris - how did you get on with CompendiumLD last year? We don't have any FE examples of use yet and would be very pleased to have your feedback!


Chris Kirkland
8:30pm 14 April 2011

I used Compendium LD to design the first module of a new course. I found it quite easy to use and I was able to get my ideas down without having to concern myself too much with the software. I found it does force you to take more time in preparing a module for a course but it was time well spent. I found it a good way to link to all the different documents that define a course but the folder structure has to be set up before starting as renaming folders and moving documents breaks the links. I did find it useful from organising the course specification documents to organising what went where in the sceme of work and then starting to prepare the lesson plans. I would like to have had more time to follow the process through. This year I intend to continue using Compendium LD to develop another new module and modify the module I worked on last year.

Rebecca Galley
8:39pm 14 April 2011

That's great - thanks Chris. Great you found it useful. Shame you need to convert back to text format for the session plan... :-)

li xiao
7:25am 11 May 2011

Hi Chris, I am a student in ECNU of China , My name is lixiao.Great you found compendium LD useful . But I found it's so difficult to know the use of it , Could you give me some suggestion ?

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