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OULDI - Visualising and supporting Learning Designs and designing

Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop

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Rebecca Galley
29 January 2010

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This page may take some time to load. I will reduce the file size early next week but thought it important to upload what we have today.Rebecca

Rebecca Galley
15:27 on 29 January 2010

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Visualising and supporting Learning Designs and designing poster

Visualising and supporting Learning Designs and designing poster

added by Rebecca Galley


Rebecca Galley
3:22pm 29 January 2010

At the workshop post-it notes were added to the posters and these structured the ensuing discussion. Messages left on this poster were as follows:

Ongoing support for individual course teams - who will provide this?

I'd like to know more about the work you have been doing with TU100

I'd like to know how this (arrow pointing to...) design tool fitted into the course team process - in this case because I was on the CT in question & involved in setting up this component & knew nothing of this at the time.

I like the emphasis here on activity as opposed to content

It quickly gets to a level of complexity where engagement has to be electronic - not easy for CT meetings

Using visualisation to 'fail faster' (an important creative skill)

Gráinne Conole
4:07pm 29 January 2010

Feedback from plenary discussion:

  • Visualisation work came out of original work with Compendium = how can adopting a more visual approach to design be used? Sketching out ideas and brainstorming originally but now look  more at how design can help you adopt a more problem based approach, how you can evaluate your designs and also sharing designs with students. Steve et al.’s work with students in their Curriculum Delivery project and their work on CompendiumDS.
  • Also useful for those in LTS and their work with faculties as a central place for sharing and discussing.
  • How might we roll this out, where might it map in the design process?
  • Importance of use of it at key moments in production process. How we can capture some of existing design processes? Showing people the benefits of adopting a visual approach.
  • Good leads in terms of pilots we can do this year. Need a strong evidence based to demonstrate the value of this.

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