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Research project: Interdisciplinarity and technology-enhanced learning

As part of the TLRP TEL programme we are currently undertaking a small research study on...

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Gráinne Conole
2 February 2010

As part of the TLRP TEL programme we are currently undertaking a small research study on interdisciplinarity and TEL research.


The aim of the research is to study the nature of interdisciplinarity and consider in particular what application of new technologies (and associated changes in the way users work and communicate using these tools) would mean to the nature of this research, how it is carried out, communicated and documented.

Rationale for the study

The impact of the Internet on working practices and the way we share information and communicate has been profound. Recent web 2.0 technologies appear to be leading to a similar seismic shift in patterns of user behaviour – in terms of how people communicate, collaborate and network and in terms of the perceptions of content in a world where it is free and multi-faceted. In parallel, there has being increasing prominence given to interdisciplinarity as a means of addressing cross-discipline research challenges. The research proposal aims to interrogate these two aspects with a view to exploring how interdisciplinary research can make better use of new technologies. Interdisciplinary projects investigating Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) make a particularly relevant site for such research.

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Gráinne Conole, Paul Mundin and Eileen Scanlon

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