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Online teamworking to develop a business case

Group assignments can work effectively online, provided that students have been prepared to develop their online teamworking skills.

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29 July 2008

As an alternative to a three-day residential school, this course offers an online equivalent in which students not only work on the same group task – developing a business case – but run through a sequence of activities to establish their ability to work as a team in the online environment. Across an 18 day period, the students first learn to make their thinking explicit through activities such as deciding as a group whether each of a set of statements is true or false. Next they discuss and propose solutions to work-based problems. Only after that do they start work on the business case for an imaginary company – the scenario being designed to be too big for any student to complete on their own, requiring them to divide up the tasks. As a final stage, the students review the business case they have produced, their team processes, and the exercise as a whole. [Sheila Tyler]

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