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Session 1A - Emerging findings from the JISC Curriculum Design Programme

Session A – Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design – This session provides an...

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Sarah Knight
23 February 2010

Session A – Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design – This session provides an opportunity to learn more about the Curriculum Design, Cluster A projects. (Leeds Metropolitan University: PC3 (Personalised Curriculum Creation through Coaching); Manchester Metropolitan University: SRC (Supporting Responsive Curricula); Staffordshire University: Enable (Institutional Change Initiative for Curriculum Development); University of Bolton: Co-educate (Re-engineering the Professional Curriculum))

The common themes and issues that are emerging from the work of the cluster include:

  • The need for responsive and flexible validation and quality assurance processes to accommodate curriculum innovation;
  • Stakeholder engagement in curriculum innovation with employer involvement for student employability, student involvement to meet personal aspirations and staff involvement to optimise implementation;
  • Business and process modelling to identify areas for improvement, systematically design and test new processes, and create a sound business case for the curriculum innovation;
  • Change management strategies that address the established cultures and beliefs of institutions that need to change for curriculum innovation to succeed.

 This session will be led by Tony Toole, Critical Friend and will involve the following project representatives:

Co-educate (Re-engineering the Professional Curriculum, University of Bolton) - Stephen Powell
Enable (Institutional Change Initiative for Curriculum Development, Staffordshire University) - Mark Stiles and Fleur Corfield
PC3 (Personalised Curriculum Creation through Coaching, Leeds Metropolitan University) - Janet Finlay and John Gray
SRC (Supporting Responsive Curricula, Manchester Metropolitan University) - Mark Stubbs

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