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Learning 3.0

You are invited to join a unique social media experiment to help us to gather some ideas on the...

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Bryony Taylor
1 March 2010

You are invited to join a unique social media experiment to help us to gather some ideas on the changing nature of learning. There are three broad areas we are interested in:

  • the changing nature of pedagogy
  • the changing nature of work place learning
  • the changing nature of institutional learning 
    (that is, learning that traditionally takes place in classrooms and lecture theatres in learning institutions such as colleges and universities)

How are the information age and the proliferation of new technologies changing the way we teach and learn?

What can be done or what is already working with regard to helping the lifelong learning workforce adapt to these changes?

You may submit thoughts, ideas, blogs, videos, podcasts and essays viaTwitter using this hashtag:


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How to Tweet - workshop

How to Tweet - workshop

added by Bryony Taylor


Rebecca Galley
12:55pm 1 March 2010

There was a interesting discussion about new pedagogies that started at Ascilite last year that may relate to this - I've added a link to the Cloud on the right.

Bryony Taylor
1:06pm 1 March 2010

Thanks a lot Rebecca!

Giota Alevizou
1:18pm 1 March 2010

Hi Bryony,

I am adding a couple of relevant references on the right. You may also want to have a look at our Reviewing the uses of web 2.0 in higher education Cloudscape. We have tried to solicit ideas, links and expertise in a similar way.

Gráinne Conole
8:11pm 1 March 2010

Great powerpoint summary of how to use twitter!

Bryony Taylor
9:29am 2 March 2010

Thanks Grainne! I am running it as a workshop this afternoon for colleagues so I'm hoping to test it out and improve on it! Will post the results.

Gráinne Conole
9:33am 2 March 2010

Great - will look forward to seeing a summary. I find cloudworks a great way to vicariously dip into workshops and events! Good luck with the workshop.

Bryony Taylor
6:00pm 2 March 2010

Well I ran my workshop! It went down well although 1 hour wasn't long enough! I've uploaded the slides for the workshop (which are more detailed than the previous ones I put here). 

It was interesting to reflect on the change taking place from formal 'training' and the move to what I would call 'playful learning'. One person suggested that my workshop should have been a two day course - but I don't think you can teach people to Tweet in that way. A friend compared it to trying to teach someone how to make a phone call. You can show them how to dial a number but you can't really teach someone how to have a conversation 'first you say hello, then when they've said hello it's your turn again....'! 

No one taught me how to use Twitter. I learnt by playing with it. This is a conceptual leap which I think some people have difficulty with.

Have you come across this?

Geoffrey Boys
10:14pm 2 March 2010 (Edited 10:17pm 2 March 2010)

Ahem!  Yes, that's it!!

I agree with Grainne. I have the same experience.

I started a monthly two hourly session with practice in between but it failed. "They" didn't see the point. I gave a ten minute talk and invited questions and the first one was "What is Twitter for?"  I will try again using this presentation!!


Gráinne Conole
8:08am 3 March 2010

Glad the workshop went well and I agre you can't 'teach' twitter - they have to experience it/appropriate to their own needs and networks. The phone call analogy is a good one and you can use this also in that some people love spending hours on the phone, others can't stand the things or are actuall phobic about them, others take a political stance and don't have a phone for some idelogical reason. Very simlar patterns and personal positions with Twitter. It raises *real* issues though doesn't it how do we 'teach' (used very broadly!) these web 2.0 practices????

Rebecca Galley
8:45am 3 March 2010

I've just come across a blog (on Twitter by chance via @alacre ) about a report into whether people display real or idealised personalities on social networking sites (I've added the link and won't spoil the ending!)

The whole concept of supporting learners in building positive digital learning/ professional identities facinates me. Especially when working with people with poor prior experience of education, or indeed poor sense of self - it seems to me that there is a whole new opportunity to re-invent oneself for lifelong learning available here (links to the very interesting debate about SL avatars for teachers and learners elsewhere on this site). But I'm guessing that often learners will create digital learning/ professional identities that mirror classroom behaviours...Wonder how this could be addressed/ explored with learners to make the best of this opportunity?

Rebecca Galley
1:57pm 5 March 2010 (Edited 1:59pm 5 March 2010)

Also..I wonder whether we try and teach students to use these tools - i.e. Twitter - as if there were simply concepts to understand rather than recognising the full competency set required - think I might be guilty of this, especially when the benefits of the tool are so obvious to me! Just thinking about this in terms of Bloom et al:

Cognitive: recall then understand then apply then synthesize then evaluate


Psychomotor: imitation then manipulation then articulation then naturalization


Affective: awareness then respond then value then internalize

The activities we design perhaps should provide opportunities for this step by step development across all domains. This certainly explains why play might be a better / more effective approach (certainly in term of effecting affective change).

Rebecca Galley
2:01pm 5 March 2010 (Edited 2:30pm 5 March 2010)

I feel a CompendiumLD coming on!

Geoffrey Boys
2:44pm 5 March 2010

I think that the way into Twitter should be via Texting and Chat. The main barrier for adults is when they have not accepted these. There is a big difference in one's approach and understanding in working in real time.

There is a further barrier when adults have not accepted ideas associated with searching on line. However, if  Tweetdeck can provide the same power in real time that Google provides for the past, then I have not yet been able to appreciate it yet.

For myself, Twitter has made an enormous difference in my knowledge and approach. I am not only much better informed but I have the confidence to know that I will be able to find out when I do not know what is going on.

I regret that I am not sufficiently aware of the underlying principles in order to comment upon the domains involved.

Bryony Taylor
11:27pm 5 March 2010

Wow Rebecca, they are some interesting thoughts you've had there. It made me think of this blog post to which I've put a link from Joe Bower about how we sell Twitter to people. He suggests that the question shouldn't be 'what's happening?' but rather 'what do you know that I should know?' - I really like this! I used this quote at my workshop this week as personally I think the best thing about Twitter is information and knowledge sharing.

Rebecca Galley
4:22pm 15 March 2010

@Geoffrey's really hard to get the balance between evangelical fervour and practical (boring??) explanations. If you tell people that the impact web 2.0 can have on their professional development could be revolutionary, they become either unhelpfully sceptical (yes but...) or scared!

With some groups it's possible to just say - 'you may not see the point but trust me on this one and we'll pick it to pieces afterwards' but my experience is that trainee post-comp teachers/ academics will not go along with this one - they need evidence it's worth investing time in...catch-22.

Bryony Taylor
5:11pm 4 May 2010

Hi everyone, I'm giving a talk at Huddersfield CETT next week about teacher educators and how they're using technology. Does anyone have an example on video which I could share? A lot of the stuff I can find is from the US! Thanks, please post links here if you have them.

Gráinne Conole
4:14am 5 May 2010

Will tweet and ask!

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