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10 August 2008

AcademicTalk is an educational tool which promotes peer learning through critical discussion, by supporting deep engagement through argument and reasoning between students. Hello

It provides a structured discussion environment for small groups of 4-8 students, and is particularly suitable for induction into more academic forms of discourse. The discussion environment can be flexibly configured to the educational context of the students and pedagogical requirp and has considerable advantages over both ordinary synchronous chat and other asynchronous CMC applications. It is one of a suite of Open Source distributed e-learning tools funded by the UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). [Text taken from project website]

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Perry Williams
12:32pm 22 July 2009

AcademicTalk is now InterLoc, and as a result of several years' iterative user-focused development (sponsored by JISC) InterLoc version 5 is now available and has been piloted in five institiutions. See the project website (see About InterLoc / Project Funding for link to the project final report).

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